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LOCUS       WP_011508965             286 aa            linear   BCT 19-JUN-2019
DEFINITION  prephenate dehydratase [Nitrobacter hamburgensis].
ACCESSION   WP_011508965
VERSION     WP_011508965.1
SOURCE      Nitrobacter hamburgensis
  ORGANISM  Nitrobacter hamburgensis
            Bacteria; Proteobacteria; Alphaproteobacteria; Rhizobiales;
            Bradyrhizobiaceae; Nitrobacter.
COMMENT     REFSEQ: This record represents a single, non-redundant, protein
            sequence which may be annotated on many different RefSeq genomes
            from the same, or different, species.
            Evidence Category  :: HMM
            Evidence Accession :: NF008866.0
            Evidence Source    :: NCBI Protein Cluster (PRK)
            Source Identifier  :: PRK11899
            COMPLETENESS: full length.
FEATURES             Location/Qualifiers
     source          1..286
                     /organism="Nitrobacter hamburgensis"
     Protein         1..286
                     /product="prephenate dehydratase"
     Region          1..279
                     /note="prephenate dehydratase; Provisional"
     Region          4..183
                     /note="Catalytic domain of prephenate dehydratase from
                     Chlorobium tepidum and similar proteins, subgroup 2; the
                     type 2 periplasmic binding protein fold; cd13631"
     Site            order(10,35..36)
     Site            order(35,41,56,108,110,114,124,126..127)
                     /note="dimer interface [polypeptide binding]"
     Region          195..273
                     /note="C-terminal ACT domain of the bifunctional
                     chorismate mutase-prephenate dehydratase (CM-PDT) enzyme
                     and the prephenate dehydratase (PDT) enzyme; cd04905"
     Site            order(206..209,226..229)
                     /note="putative L-Phe binding site [chemical binding]"
        1 mtktmtiafq gepganshia iaeaypdaep lpcatfedal aaiasgeadl gmipiensva
       61 grvadihyll pqsglfivge yflpirhqlm aprgatlagi ktveshvhal gqcrriirkl
      121 girpivsgdt agaarivaer gdrscasias rlaaqihhld ilaedvedea hnttrfvvla
      181 readwakqgs gplvtsfvfr vrnlpaalyk amggfatngv nmtklesymv dgnffatqfy
      241 adveghpddr glafaleeln ffskefrivg vypghpfrat freqad
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