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LOCUS       WP_045301046             529 aa            linear   BCT 20-MAR-2015
DEFINITION  chitinase [Saccharothrix sp. ST-888].
ACCESSION   WP_045301046
VERSION     WP_045301046.1
SOURCE      Saccharothrix sp. ST-888
  ORGANISM  Saccharothrix sp. ST-888
            Bacteria; Actinobacteria; Pseudonocardiales; Pseudonocardiaceae;
COMMENT     REFSEQ: This record represents a single, non-redundant, protein
            sequence which may be annotated on many different RefSeq genomes
            from the same, or different, species.
            COMPLETENESS: full length.
FEATURES             Location/Qualifiers
     source          1..529
                     /organism="Saccharothrix sp. ST-888"
     Protein         1..529
     Region          47..162
                     /note="Carbohydrate binding domain; pfam02018"
     Region          236..524
                     /note="GH18 domain of Chitinase D (ChiD). ChiD, a
                     chitinase found in Bacillus circulans, hydrolyzes the
                     1,4-beta-linkages of N-acetylglucosamine in chitin and
                     chitodextrins. The domain architecture of ChiD includes a
                     catalytic glycosyl hydrolase family 18...; cd02871"
     Region          236..510
                     /note="Glycosyl hydrolases family 18; pfam00704"
     Site            order(241,268,353,355,413,415,505)
                     /note="putative active site [active]"
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       61 sgwsctgtas avsspvhsgg yalqatpgss dtancqqtvs vlpntsytls gwvqgpyvyl
      121 gasgtggtdp sswssqsgwn qlsstfttga dtstvtvyvh gwygqgayga dditltgpgg
      181 tssptpsssp stspstspss spssspsssp ssspssspss sptgpttpps sglpahaltg
      241 ywqnfdngat vqrlrdvqsa ydiiavsfad atgtpgaisf tldpalagkl ggytdadfka
      301 diaakhaagk rvvlsvggqn gtiavnntas adnfansaya lirqygfdgv didlengvdp
      361 vylaqslhtl qskvgpgfvl tmapetigmy sttgayfqla lntkdiltvv ntqfynsggm
      421 ngcdgkvynq gtvdfitsqv cthiqgglrp dqvgigvpas sraagggyvn stvvnnaldc
      481 lakgtncgsf vppakwptir gamtwstnwd aangndfstn vgahlhamp
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