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Entry: WP_057779792
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LOCUS       WP_057779792             439 aa            linear   BCT 04-AUG-2017
DEFINITION  chromosomal replication initiator protein DnaA [Lactobacillus
ACCESSION   WP_057779792
VERSION     WP_057779792.1
SOURCE      Lactobacillus vaccinostercus
  ORGANISM  Lactobacillus vaccinostercus
            Bacteria; Firmicutes; Bacilli; Lactobacillales; Lactobacillaceae;
COMMENT     REFSEQ: This record represents a single, non-redundant, protein
            sequence which may be annotated on many different RefSeq genomes
            from the same, or different, species.
            COMPLETENESS: full length.
FEATURES             Location/Qualifiers
     source          1..439
                     /organism="Lactobacillus vaccinostercus"
     Protein         1..439
                     /product="chromosomal replication initiator protein DnaA"
     Region          5..68
                     /note="DnaA N-terminal domain; pfam11638"
     Region          8..437
                     /note="chromosomal replication initiator protein DnaA;
     Region          104..321
                     /note="Bacterial dnaA protein; pfam00308"
     Site            144..151
                     /note="Walker A motif"
     Site            order(145..152,207,240)
                     /note="ATP binding site [chemical binding]"
     Site            203..208
                     /note="Walker B motif"
     Site            253
                     /note="arginine finger"
     Region          348..437
                     /note="C-terminal domain of bacterial DnaA proteins. The
                     DNA-binding C-terminal domain of DnaA contains a
                     helix-turn-helix motif that specifically interacts with
                     the DnaA box, a 9-mer motif that occurs repetitively in
                     the replication origin oriC. Multiple...; cd06571"
     Site            order(371,379..380,387,393..395,404..408,411,414..415)
                     /note="DnaA box-binding interface [nucleotide binding]"
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