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LOCUS       WP_076528632             452 aa            linear   BCT 02-JUN-2019
DEFINITION  P-type conjugative transfer protein TrbL [Paracoccus saliphilus].
ACCESSION   WP_076528632
VERSION     WP_076528632.1
SOURCE      Paracoccus saliphilus
  ORGANISM  Paracoccus saliphilus
            Bacteria; Proteobacteria; Alphaproteobacteria; Rhodobacterales;
            Rhodobacteraceae; Paracoccus.
REFERENCE   1  (residues 1 to 452)
  AUTHORS   Lawley,T.D., Klimke,W.A., Gubbins,M.J. and Frost,L.S.
  TITLE     F factor conjugation is a true type IV secretion system
  JOURNAL   FEMS Microbiol. Lett. 224 (1), 1-15 (2003)
   PUBMED   12855161
REFERENCE   2  (residues 1 to 452)
  AUTHORS   Li,P.L., Hwang,I., Miyagi,H., True,H. and Farrand,S.K.
  TITLE     Essential components of the Ti plasmid trb system, a type IV
            macromolecular transporter
  JOURNAL   J. Bacteriol. 181 (16), 5033-5041 (1999)
   PUBMED   10438776
REFERENCE   3  (residues 1 to 452)
  AUTHORS   Farrand,S.K., Hwang,I. and Cook,D.M.
  TITLE     The tra region of the nopaline-type Ti plasmid is a chimera with
            elements related to the transfer systems of RSF1010, RP4, and F
  JOURNAL   J. Bacteriol. 178 (14), 4233-4247 (1996)
   PUBMED   8763953
COMMENT     REFSEQ: This record represents a single, non-redundant, protein
            sequence which may be annotated on many different RefSeq genomes
            from the same, or different, species.
            Evidence Category  :: HMM
            Evidence Accession :: TIGR02783.1
            Evidence Source    :: JCVI
            Source Identifier  :: TIGR02783
            COMPLETENESS: full length.
FEATURES             Location/Qualifiers
     source          1..452
                     /organism="Paracoccus saliphilus"
     gene            1..452
     Protein         1..452
                     /product="P-type conjugative transfer protein TrbL"
     Region          1..449
                     /note="conjugal transfer protein TrbL; Provisional"
        1 mggtgvidef lgvfttyids gfgllggeva fiattlivid vtlaalfwaw gaeddiiarl
       61 vkktlfvgif aylisnwndl awivfesfag lgllasgtgf saedlmrpgr vaqtgldagr
      121 pllesisdlm gwvaffenfi qiacllfawv lvilaffila vqlfvtlief klttlagfvl
      181 ipfglfgkta fmaervlgnv vssgikvlvl aviigigstl fgqftqgfgg ispsideama
      241 ivlaalsllg lgifgpgiat glvsggpqlg agaaagtgla vggaavaagg aamlaaggga
      301 aalsgtaaaa rggaalagga stayrlgtgg qsgiggtaag mggigraags vissplkhaa
      361 srtadsmkts yaqgakssvm atggsstmgt lggseasasg nstslsnapg waqrlrrhpg
      421 lghgarvtah alragdshgs gasvnlsest rs
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