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ID   G1L698_AILME            Unreviewed;       142 AA.
AC   G1L698;
DT   19-OCT-2011, integrated into UniProtKB/TrEMBL.
DT   19-OCT-2011, sequence version 1.
DT   05-JUN-2019, entry version 30.
DE   RecName: Full=Mediator of RNA polymerase II transcription subunit 9 {ECO:0000256|RuleBase:RU364145};
DE   AltName: Full=Mediator complex subunit 9 {ECO:0000256|RuleBase:RU364145};
GN   Name=MED9 {ECO:0000256|RuleBase:RU364145,
GN   ECO:0000313|Ensembl:ENSAMEP00000002413};
OS   Ailuropoda melanoleuca (Giant panda).
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi;
OC   Mammalia; Eutheria; Laurasiatheria; Carnivora; Caniformia; Ursidae;
OC   Ailuropoda.
OX   NCBI_TaxID=9646 {ECO:0000313|Ensembl:ENSAMEP00000002413, ECO:0000313|Proteomes:UP000008912};
RN   [1] {ECO:0000313|Ensembl:ENSAMEP00000002413}
RX   PubMed=20010809; DOI=10.1038/nature08696;
RA   Li R., Fan W., Tian G., Zhu H., He L., Cai J., Huang Q., Cai Q.,
RA   Li B., Bai Y., Zhang Z., Zhang Y., Wang W., Li J., Wei F., Li H.,
RA   Jian M., Li J., Zhang Z., Nielsen R., Li D., Gu W., Yang Z., Xuan Z.,
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RA   Hu Y., Zheng Y., Shi Y., Li Z., Liu Q., Chen Y., Zhao J., Qu N.,
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RA   Kristiansen K., Wong G.K., Olson M., Zhang X., Li S., Yang H.,
RA   Wang J., Wang J.;
RT   "The sequence and de novo assembly of the giant panda genome.";
RL   Nature 463:311-317(2010).
RN   [2] {ECO:0000313|Ensembl:ENSAMEP00000002413}
RG   Ensembl;
RL   Submitted (SEP-2011) to UniProtKB.
CC   -!- FUNCTION: Component of the Mediator complex, a coactivator
CC       involved in the regulated transcription of nearly all RNA
CC       polymerase II-dependent genes. Mediator functions as a bridge to
CC       convey information from gene-specific regulatory proteins to the
CC       basal RNA polymerase II transcription machinery. Mediator is
CC       recruited to promoters by direct interactions with regulatory
CC       proteins and serves as a scaffold for the assembly of a functional
CC       preinitiation complex with RNA polymerase II and the general
CC       transcription factors. {ECO:0000256|RuleBase:RU364145}.
CC   -!- SUBUNIT: Component of the Mediator complex, which is composed of
CC       MED1, MED4, MED6, MED7, MED8, MED9, MED10, MED11, MED12, MED13,
CC       MED13L, MED14, MED15, MED16, MED17, MED18, MED19, MED20, MED21,
CC       MED22, MED23, MED24, MED25, MED26, MED27, MED29, MED30, MED31,
CC       CCNC, CDK8 and CDC2L6/CDK11. The MED12, MED13, CCNC and CDK8
CC       subunits form a distinct module termed the CDK8 module. Mediator
CC       containing the CDK8 module is less active than Mediator lacking
CC       this module in supporting transcriptional activation. Individual
CC       preparations of the Mediator complex lacking one or more distinct
CC       subunits have been variously termed ARC, CRSP, DRIP, PC2, SMCC and
CC       TRAP. {ECO:0000256|RuleBase:RU364145}.
CC   -!- SUBCELLULAR LOCATION: Nucleus {ECO:0000256|RuleBase:RU364145,
CC       ECO:0000256|SAAS:SAAS00869478}.
CC   -!- SIMILARITY: Belongs to the Mediator complex subunit 9 family.
CC       {ECO:0000256|RuleBase:RU364145}.
CC   -----------------------------------------------------------------------
CC   Copyrighted by the UniProt Consortium, see
CC   Distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY 4.0) License
CC   -----------------------------------------------------------------------
DR   EMBL; ACTA01082055; -; NOT_ANNOTATED_CDS; Genomic_DNA.
DR   EMBL; ACTA01090055; -; NOT_ANNOTATED_CDS; Genomic_DNA.
DR   STRING; 9646.ENSAMEP00000002413; -.
DR   Ensembl; ENSAMET00000002514; ENSAMEP00000002413; ENSAMEG00000002305.
DR   eggNOG; ENOG410J0JM; Eukaryota.
DR   eggNOG; ENOG4111U35; LUCA.
DR   GeneTree; ENSGT00390000017379; -.
DR   InParanoid; G1L698; -.
DR   TreeFam; TF324926; -.
DR   Proteomes; UP000008912; Unassembled WGS sequence.
DR   GO; GO:0016592; C:mediator complex; IEA:Ensembl.
DR   GO; GO:0003712; F:transcription coregulator activity; IEA:InterPro.
DR   GO; GO:0006357; P:regulation of transcription by RNA polymerase II; IEA:InterPro.
DR   InterPro; IPR037212; Med7/Med21-like.
DR   InterPro; IPR011425; Med9.
DR   InterPro; IPR039242; MED9_metazoa.
DR   PANTHER; PTHR20844; PTHR20844; 1.
DR   Pfam; PF07544; Med9; 1.
DR   SUPFAM; SSF140718; SSF140718; 1.
PE   3: Inferred from homology;
KW   Activator {ECO:0000256|RuleBase:RU364145};
KW   Coiled coil {ECO:0000256|SAM:Coils};
KW   Complete proteome {ECO:0000313|Proteomes:UP000008912};
KW   Nucleus {ECO:0000256|RuleBase:RU364145,
KW   ECO:0000256|SAAS:SAAS00869474};
KW   Reference proteome {ECO:0000313|Proteomes:UP000008912};
KW   Transcription {ECO:0000256|RuleBase:RU364145,
KW   ECO:0000256|SAAS:SAAS00869482};
KW   Transcription regulation {ECO:0000256|RuleBase:RU364145,
KW   ECO:0000256|SAAS:SAAS00869473}.
FT   REGION        1     57       Disordered. {ECO:0000256|MobiDB-lite:
FT                                G1L698}.
FT   COILED      111    134       {ECO:0000256|SAM:Coils}.
FT   COMPBIAS     32     46       Pro-rich. {ECO:0000256|MobiDB-lite:
FT                                G1L698}.
SQ   SEQUENCE   142 AA;  15823 MW;  4951C16B0EB0160E CRC64;
DBGET integrated database retrieval system