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ID   R9LI10_9FIRM            Unreviewed;        60 AA.
AC   R9LI10;
DT   24-JUL-2013, integrated into UniProtKB/TrEMBL.
DT   24-JUL-2013, sequence version 1.
DT   26-FEB-2020, entry version 16.
DE   SubName: Full=Uncharacterized protein {ECO:0000313|EMBL:EOS58404.1};
GN   ORFNames=C814_02363 {ECO:0000313|EMBL:EOS58404.1};
OS   Anaerotruncus sp. G3(2012).
OC   Bacteria; Firmicutes; Clostridia; Clostridiales; Ruminococcaceae;
OC   Anaerotruncus; unclassified Anaerotruncus.
OX   NCBI_TaxID=1235835 {ECO:0000313|EMBL:EOS58404.1, ECO:0000313|Proteomes:UP000014129};
RN   [1] {ECO:0000313|EMBL:EOS58404.1, ECO:0000313|Proteomes:UP000014129}
RC   STRAIN=G3(2012) {ECO:0000313|Proteomes:UP000014129};
RG   The Broad Institute Genomics Platform;
RG   The Broad Institute Genome Sequencing Center for Infectious Disease;
RA   Earl A., Xavier R., Elson C., Duck W., Walker B., Young S., Zeng Q.,
RA   Gargeya S., Fitzgerald M., Haas B., Abouelleil A., Allen A.W., Alvarado L.,
RA   Arachchi H.M., Berlin A.M., Chapman S.B., Gainer-Dewar J., Goldberg J.,
RA   Griggs A., Gujja S., Hansen M., Howarth C., Imamovic A., Ireland A.,
RA   Larimer J., McCowan C., Murphy C., Pearson M., Poon T.W., Priest M.,
RA   Roberts A., Saif S., Shea T., Sisk P., Sykes S., Wortman J., Nusbaum C.,
RA   Birren B.;
RT   "The Genome Sequence of Anaerotruncus bacterium G3.";
RL   Submitted (APR-2013) to the EMBL/GenBank/DDBJ databases.
CC   -!- CAUTION: The sequence shown here is derived from an EMBL/GenBank/DDBJ
CC       whole genome shotgun (WGS) entry which is preliminary data.
CC       {ECO:0000313|EMBL:EOS58404.1}.
CC   ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
CC   Copyrighted by the UniProt Consortium, see
CC   Distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY 4.0) License
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DR   EMBL; ASTA01000065; EOS58404.1; -; Genomic_DNA.
DR   RefSeq; WP_016317020.1; NZ_KE159677.1.
DR   STRING; 1235835.C814_02363; -.
DR   EnsemblBacteria; EOS58404; EOS58404; C814_02363.
DR   PATRIC; fig|1235835.3.peg.2494; -.
DR   HOGENOM; CLU_196669_1_0_9; -.
DR   Proteomes; UP000014129; Unassembled WGS sequence.
DR   InterPro; IPR025575; DpnD/PcfM.
DR   Pfam; PF14207; DpnD-PcfM; 1.
PE   4: Predicted;
KW   Reference proteome {ECO:0000313|Proteomes:UP000014129}.
SQ   SEQUENCE   60 AA;  6844 MW;  EB9C7B8C10CC4058 CRC64;
DBGET integrated database retrieval system