Instructions for setting up RasMol

Obtaining RasMol

RasMol may be obtained from the address below:

Setting up RasMol for Macintosh (Netscape)

Select from the Options menu of Netscape the preference window for helpers. The RasMol entry should be added as follows.

Setting up RasMol for Unix (Netscape and Mosaic)

You will need to edit your .mailcap file (if you don't have one create it in your home directory) and add the line:

Connecting to MolScript on Unix

MolScript is a program written by Per Kraulis for creating molecular graphics in the form of PostScript plot files. RasMol has a capability to generate MolScript input files; write the current image in the Molscript format: Edit this file, if necessary, and run MolScript as follows: The output file may be viewed, for example, by ghostview or printed to a postscript printer.