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hydrogen dehydrogenase (NADP+);
NADP+-linked hydrogenase;
NADP+-reducing hydrogenase;
hydrogenase (ambiguous);
hydrogenase I (ambiguous)
Acting on hydrogen as donor;
With NAD+ or NADP+ as acceptor
hydrogen:NADP+ oxidoreductase
H2 + NADP+ = H+ + NADPH [RN:R07181]
H2 [CPD:C00282];
NADP+ [CPD:C00006]
H+ [CPD:C00080];
NADPH [CPD:C00005]
The protein from the bacterium Desulfovibrio fructosovorans is an iron-sulfur protein that exclusively functions as a hydrogen dehydrogenase [1], while the enzyme from the archaeon Pyrococcus furiosus is a nickel, iron, iron-sulfur protein, that is part of a heterotetrameric complex where the alpha and delta subunits function as a hydrogenase while the beta and gamma subunits function as sulfur reductase (EC, sulfhydrogenase). Different from EC, hydrogen dehydrogenase [NAD(P)+].
EC created 2002, modified 2013
K17992  NADP-reducing hydrogenase subunit HndB
K17993  sulfhydrogenase subunit alpha
K17994  sulfhydrogenase subunit delta
K18330  NADP-reducing hydrogenase subunit HndA
K18331  NADP-reducing hydrogenase subunit HndC
K18332  NADP-reducing hydrogenase subunit HndD
AVL: AvCA_04400(hoxH)
AVD: AvCA6_04400(hoxH)
ACX: Achr_4360(hoxY) Achr_4370(hoxH)
MSQ: BKP64_00955 BKP64_00960
MARA: D0851_07215 D0851_07220
MICC: AUP74_02543(hoxH) AUP74_02544(hoxY)
MII: BTJ40_11460 BTJ40_11465
MICT: FIU95_09940(hoxH) FIU95_09945(hoxY)
MHYD: GTQ55_08910 GTQ55_08915
ALG: AQULUS_13030(hoxH) AQULUS_13040(hoxY)
ASIP: AQUSIP_08270(hoxY) AQUSIP_08280(hoxH)
LPN: lpg2467(hydA) lpg2468
LPM: LP6_2497(hydA) LP6_2498
LPC: LPC_2010 LPC_2011(hydA)
LCJ: NCTC11976_02959(hoxY) NCTC11976_02962(hoxH_2)
FNA: OOM_1816
TNI: TVNIR_2169 TVNIR_2170(vhuG_[H])
BHO: D560_2878
BHM: D558_2856
TBD: Tbd_1263
GEO: Geob_0218(bamH-1) Geob_0234(bamH-2)
PCA: Pcar_1602(hndA-3) Pcar_1603(hndB-3) Pcar_1604(hndC-3) Pcar_1605(hndD-3) Pcar_1633(hndD-2) Pcar_1634(hndC-2) Pcar_1635(hndB-2) Pcar_1636(hndA-2) Pcar_1844(hndC-1) Pcar_1845(hndB-1) Pcar_1846(hndA-1) Pcar_2708(hndC-5)
DML: Dmul_28600(nuoF3) Dmul_34230(morB)
DAL: Dalk_2271
SCL: sce4575(hoxH)
DAX: FDQ92_01160(nuoF)
OCA: OCAR_5286
RRF: F11_01565
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CBK: CLL_A2000
CBE: Cbei_1773
CBZ: Cbs_1773
CPAT: CLPA_c34400(hndC)
CPAE: CPAST_c34400(hndC)
CSB: CLSA_c23760(hndD)
CSQ: CSCA_4946
HSC: HVS_11610(hndB1) HVS_12575(hndD2) HVS_12580(hndC2) HVS_12585(hndB2) HVS_12595(hndA2)
CSD: Clst_0900(fhbA) Clst_0902(fdx1) Clst_0903(fhbB) Clst_0904(fhbC)
CCEL: CCDG5_0742 CCDG5_0743(hndC) CCDG5_0744(hndD)
OVA: OBV_29610
BPRO: PMF13cell1_04623(hndD_2)
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CSO: CLS_02870
BPRL: CL2_24320
HSD: SD1D_2323 SD1D_2324(hndC) SD1D_2325(hndD)
RTO: RTO_15320
PHX: KGNDJEFE_00571(hndD)
HMO: HM1_1029(nuoG)
AWO: Awo_c26970(hydA1) Awo_c26980(hydB) Awo_c26990(hydD)
BPRM: CL3_28570
BPRS: CK3_02010
TTE: TTE0892 TTE0893(NuoF) TTE0894(NuoG)
TKI: TKV_c19580(hydA1)
MTHO: MOTHE_c17260(hndD1) MOTHE_c17270(hndC1)
MTHZ: MOTHA_c18090(hndD1) MOTHA_c18100(hndC1)
KME: H0A61_01405(hndC_2) H0A61_01871(hndA_4) H0A61_01873(hndB_1) H0A61_01874(hndC_4) H0A61_01875(hndD_3) H0A61_01878(hndA_5) H0A61_01879(hndB_2) H0A61_01881(hndD_4)
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BARB: AOA66_1503(shyD) AOA66_1504(hydA)
PSYT: DSAG12_03219(shyD)
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1  [PMID:9703971]
de Luca G, de Philip P, Rousset M, Belaich JP, Dermoun Z
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Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 90:5341-4 (1993)
Ma, K., Zhou, Z.H. and Adams, M.W.
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5  [PMID:18156274]
van Haaster DJ, Silva PJ, Hagedoorn PL, Jongejan JA, Hagen WR
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