EC               Enzyme                                 

[histone H3]-trimethyl-L-lysine9 demethylase;
KDM4A (gene name);
KDM4B (gene name);
KDM4C (gene name);
KDM4D (gene name);
JHDM3A (gene name);
JMJD2 (gene name);
JMJD2A (gene name);
GASC1 (gene name)
Acting on paired donors, with incorporation or reduction of molecular oxygen;
With 2-oxoglutarate as one donor, and incorporation of one atom of oxygen into each donor
[histone H3]-N6,N6,N6-trimethyl-L-lysine9,2-oxoglutarate:oxygen oxidoreductase
a [histone H3]-N6,N6,N6-trimethyl-L-lysine9 + 2 2-oxoglutarate + 2 O2 = a [histone H3]-N6-methyl-L-lysine9 + 2 succinate + 2 formaldehyde + 2 CO2 (overall reaction) [RN:R12459];
(1a) a [histone H3]-N6,N6,N6-trimethyl-L-lysine9 + 2-oxoglutarate + O2 = a [histone H3]-N6,N6-dimethyl-L-lysine9 + succinate + formaldehyde + CO2 [RN:R12460];
(1b) a [histone H3]-N6,N6-dimethyl-L-lysine9 + 2-oxoglutarate + O2 = a [histone H3]-N6-methyl-L-lysine9 + succinate + formaldehyde + CO2 [RN:R09510]
[histone H3]-N6,N6,N6-trimethyl-L-lysine9;
2-oxoglutarate [CPD:C00026];
O2 [CPD:C00007];
[histone H3]-N6,N6-dimethyl-L-lysine9
[histone H3]-N6-methyl-L-lysine9;
succinate [CPD:C00042];
formaldehyde [CPD:C00067];
CO2 [CPD:C00011];
[histone H3]-N6,N6-dimethyl-L-lysine9
Requires iron(II). This entry describes a group of enzymes that demethylate N-methylated Lys-9 residues in the tail of the histone protein H3 (H3K9). This lysine residue can exist in three methylation states (mono-, di- and trimethylated), but this group of enzymes only act on the the tri- and di-methylated forms. The enzymes are dioxygenases and act by hydroxylating the methyl group, forming an unstable hemiaminal that leaves as formaldehyde. cf. EC, [histone H3]-dimethyl-L-lysine9 demethylase.
EC created 2019
K06709  [histone H3]-trimethyl-L-lysine9/36 demethylase
HSA: 23030(KDM4B) 23081(KDM4C) 390245(KDM4E) 55693(KDM4D) 9682(KDM4A)
PTR: 451494 455614(KDM4B) 456829(KDM4A) 464989(KDM4C) 466754(KDM4D) 466755(KDM4E)
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SPAR: SPRG_04576
 » show all
1  [PMID:16732293]
Cloos PA, Christensen J, Agger K, Maiolica A, Rappsilber J, Antal T, Hansen KH, Helin K
The putative oncogene GASC1 demethylates tri- and dimethylated lysine 9 on histone H3.
Nature 442:307-11 (2006)
2  [PMID:16738407]
Fodor BD, Kubicek S, Yonezawa M, O'Sullivan RJ, Sengupta R, Perez-Burgos L, Opravil S, Mechtler K, Schotta G, Jenuwein T
Jmjd2b antagonizes H3K9 trimethylation at pericentric heterochromatin in mammalian cells.
Genes Dev 20:1557-62 (2006)
3  [PMID:16732292]
Klose RJ, Yamane K, Bae Y, Zhang D, Erdjument-Bromage H, Tempst P, Wong J, Zhang Y
The transcriptional repressor JHDM3A demethylates trimethyl histone H3 lysine 9 and lysine 36.
Nature 442:312-6 (2006)
4  [PMID:16603238]
Whetstine JR, Nottke A, Lan F, Huarte M, Smolikov S, Chen Z, Spooner E, Li E, Zhang G, Colaiacovo M, Shi Y
Reversal of histone lysine trimethylation by the JMJD2 family of histone demethylases.
Cell 125:467-81 (2006)
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