EC                Enzyme                                 

tRNA pseudouridine55 synthase;
YNL292w (gene name);
Psi55 tRNA pseudouridine synthase;
tRNA pseudouridine 55 synthase;
tRNA:pseudouridine-55 synthase;
Psi55 synthase;
tRNA Psi55 synthase;
tRNA:Psi55 synthase;
tRNA-uridine55 uracil mutase;
tRNA-uridine54/55 uracil mutase
Intramolecular transferases;
Transferring other groups
tRNA-uridine55 uracil mutase
tRNA uridine55 = tRNA pseudouridine55
tRNA uridine55
tRNA pseudouridine55
Pseudouridine synthase TruB from Escherichia coli specifically modifies uridine55 in tRNA molecules [1]. The bifunctional archaeal enzyme also catalyses the pseudouridylation of uridine54 [6]. It is not known whether the enzyme from Escherichia coli can also act on position 54 in vitro, since this position is occupied in Escherichia coli tRNAs by thymine.
EC created 2011, modified 2011
K03177  tRNA pseudouridine55 synthase
K07583  tRNA pseudouridine synthase 10
HSA: 142940(TRUB1) 150962(PUS10)
PTR: 459260(PUS10) 466209(TRUB1)
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