EC                  Enzyme                                 

ABC-type xenobiotic transporter;
xenobiotic-transporting ATPase;
multidrug-resistance protein;
MDR protein;
pleiotropic-drug-resistance protein;
PDR protein;
steroid-transporting ATPase;
ATP phosphohydrolase (steroid-exporting)
Catalysing the translocation of other compounds;
Linked to the hydrolysis of a nucleoside triphosphate
ATP phosphohydrolase (ABC-type, xenobiotic-exporting)
ATP + H2O + xenobiotic[side 1] = ADP + phosphate + xenobiotic[side 2]
ATP [CPD:C00002];
H2O [CPD:C00001];
xenobiotic[side 1]
ADP [CPD:C00008];
phosphate [CPD:C00009];
xenobiotic[side 2]
An ATP-binding cassette (ABC) type transporter, characterized by the presence of two similar ATP-binding domains/proteins and two integral membrane domains/proteins. Does not undergo phosphorylation during the transport process. The enzymes from Gram-positive bacteria and eukaryotic cells export a number of drugs with unusual specificity, covering various groups of unrelated substances while ignoring some that are closely related structurally. Several distinct enzymes may be present in a single eukaryotic cell. Many of them also transport glutathione---drug conjugates (see EC, ABC-type glutathione-S-conjugate transporter) while others also show some 'flippase' activity (cf. EC, P-type phospholipid transporter).
EC created 2000 as EC (EC incorporated 2006), modified 2006, transferred 2018 to EC
K05658  ATP-binding cassette, subfamily B (MDR/TAP), member 1
K05659  ATP-binding cassette, subfamily B (MDR/TAP), member 4
K18104  ATP-binding cassette, subfamily B, bacterial AbcA/BmrA
HSA: 5243(ABCB1) 5244(ABCB4)
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