Database: CarbBank
Entry: 44672
LinkDB: 44672
CC: CCSD:44672
AU: Kubelka V; Altmann F; Kornfeld G; Marz L
TI: Structures of the N-linked oligosaccharides of the membrane
    glycoproteins from three lepidopteran cell lines (SF-21, IZD-Mb-0503, Bm-N)
CT: Arch Biochem Biophys (1994) 308: 148-157 [PMID:8311447]
SC: 9A-Mb
BS: (GS) Mamestra brassicae, (OT) cell membrane, (cell line) Mb-0503
BS: (GS) Spodoptera frugiperda, (OT) cell membrane, (cell line) Sf-21
MT: N-linked glycoprotein
SB: Westra B
DA: 06-12-1995
FC: 21315d06
SI: CBank:17356

                   a-D-Manp-(1-6)+                a-L-Fucp-(1-6)+
                                 |                              |
                                 |                              |
 b-D-GlcpNAc-(1-2)-a-D-Manp-(1-3)+                a-L-Fucp-(1-3)+
================end of record
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