Database: CarbBank
Entry: 5719
LinkDB: 5719
CC: CCSD:5719
AU: Kean EL
TI: Studies on the activation by dolichol-P-mannose of the biosynthesis
    of GlcNAc-P-P-dolichol and the topography of the GlcNAc-transferases
    concerned with the synthesis of GlcNAc-P-P-dolichol and (GlcNAc)2-P-P-
    dolichol: a review
CT: Biochem Cell Biol (1992) 70: 413-421 [PMID:1360220]
SB: Doubet S
DA: 06-10-1993
FC: 0971b493
SI: CBank:3314

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