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LOCUS       NP_388565                376 aa            linear   CON 12-FEB-2021
DEFINITION  response regulator aspartate phosphatase [Bacillus subtilis subsp.
            subtilis str. 168].
VERSION     NP_388565.2
DBLINK      BioProject: PRJNA76
            BioSample: SAMEA3138188
DBSOURCE    REFSEQ: accession NC_000964.3
SOURCE      Bacillus subtilis subsp. subtilis str. 168
  ORGANISM  Bacillus subtilis subsp. subtilis str. 168
            Bacteria; Firmicutes; Bacilli; Bacillales; Bacillaceae; Bacillus.
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  CONSRTM   NCBI Genome Project
  TITLE     Direct Submission
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            Information, NIH, Bethesda, MD 20894, USA
REFERENCE   6  (residues 1 to 376)
  AUTHORS   Genoscope -,C.E.A.
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  TITLE     Direct Submission
  JOURNAL   Submitted (24-JAN-2013) A. Danchin, AMAbiotics, Bldg G1, 2, rue
            Gaston Cremieux, 91000 EVRY Bldg G1
            Genoscope / CEA (Commissariat a l'energie atomique et aux energies
            alternatives): BP 191 91006 EVRY cedex - FRANCE (E-mail:
   - Web:
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  AUTHORS   Genoscope -,C.E.A.
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  TITLE     Direct Submission
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  AUTHORS   Kunst,F., Ogasawara,N., Yoshikawa,H. and Danchin,A.
  TITLE     Direct Submission
  JOURNAL   Submitted (18-NOV-1997) I. Moszer, A. Danchin, Genetique des
            Genomes Bacteriens, Institut Pasteur, 28 rue du Docteur Roux, 75724
            Paris Cedex 15, FRANCE. E-mail:,
   Phone: +33 (0)1 45 68 84 41, Fax:
            +33 (0)1 45 68 89 48
COMMENT     PROVISIONAL REFSEQ: This record has not yet been subject to final
            NCBI review. The reference sequence is identical to CAB12503.
            On Aug 12, 2009 this sequence version replaced NP_388565.1.
            On or before Mar 17, 2009 this sequence version replaced
            gi:32468687, gi:32468690, gi:32468695, gi:32468704, gi:32468715,
            gi:32468723, gi:32468738, gi:32468743, gi:32468745, gi:32468758,
            gi:32468767, gi:32468778, gi:32468787, gi:32468796, gi:32468802,
            gi:32468809, gi:32468813, gi:32468825, gi:32468830, gi:32468833,
            gi:32468840, gi:38680335.
            Annotation results relative to BLAST similarities, COG
            assignations, enzymatic function prediction (PRIAM software), TMHMM
            and SignalP predictions, and synteny conservation (Syntonizer
            software) are available in the MicroScope annotation platform
            The large cluster comprising the i, h and g rDNA regions could not
            be properly resolved, we therefore incorporated the original
            sequence of rRNAihg in the final assembly.
            Method: conceptual translation.
FEATURES             Location/Qualifiers
     source          1..376
                     /organism="Bacillus subtilis subsp. subtilis str. 168"
                     /type_material="type strain of Bacillus subtilis"
     Protein         1..376
                     /product="response regulator aspartate phosphatase"
                     /function="16.3: Control"
     Region          4..65
                     /note="response regulator aspartate phosphatase H, N
                     terminal; pfam18801"
     Region          99..127
                     /region_name="TPR repeat"
                     /note="TPR repeat [structural motif]"
     Site            order(100,103..104,107..108,110,140,143..144,147..148,
                     /note="putative protein binding surface [polypeptide
     Region          138..168
                     /region_name="TPR repeat"
                     /note="TPR repeat [structural motif]"
     Region          173..208
                     /region_name="TPR repeat"
                     /note="TPR repeat [structural motif]"
     Region          <196..252
                     /note="Tetratricopeptide repeat; pfam13424"
     Region          220..248
                     /region_name="TPR repeat"
                     /note="TPR repeat [structural motif]"
     Region          259..287
                     /region_name="TPR repeat"
                     /note="TPR repeat [structural motif]"
     CDS             1..376
                     /experiment="publication(s) with functional evidences,
                     PMID:16553878, 21908671"
                     /note="Evidence 1a: Function from experimental evidences
                     in the studied strain; PubMedId: 16553878, 21908671;
                     Product type e: enzyme"
CONTIG      join(WP_003243267.1:1..376)
        1 msqaipssrv gvkinewykm irqfsvpdae ilkaeveqdi qqmeedqdll iyyslmcfrh
       61 qlmldylepg ktygnrptvt elletietpq kkltgllkyy slffrgmyef dqkeyveaig
      121 yyreaekelp fvsddiekae fhfkvaeayy hmkqthvsmy hilqaldiyq nhplysirti
      181 qslfviagny ddfkhydkal phleaalela mdiqndrfia isllniansy drsgddqmav
      241 ehfqkaakvs rekvpdllpk vlfglswtlc kagqtqkafq fieegldhit arshkfykel
      301 flflqavyke tvderkihdl lsyfekknlh ayieacarsa aavfesschf eqaaafyrkv
      361 lkaqedilkg eclyay
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