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Entry: WP_004076157
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LOCUS       WP_004076157              79 aa            linear   BCT 17-OCT-2019
DEFINITION  DUF2109 domain-containing protein [Methanoplanus limicola].
ACCESSION   WP_004076157
VERSION     WP_004076157.1
SOURCE      Methanoplanus limicola
  ORGANISM  Methanoplanus limicola
            Archaea; Euryarchaeota; Stenosarchaea group; Methanomicrobia;
            Methanomicrobiales; Methanomicrobiaceae; Methanoplanus.
COMMENT     REFSEQ: This record represents a single, non-redundant, protein
            sequence which may be annotated on many different RefSeq genomes
            from the same, or different, species.
            Evidence Category  :: Conserved Domain (CDD)
            Evidence Accession :: Domain architecture ID 10561535
            Evidence Source    :: NCBI SPARCLE
            COMPLETENESS: full length.
FEATURES             Location/Qualifiers
     source          1..79
                     /organism="Methanoplanus limicola"
     Protein         1..79
                     /product="DUF2109 domain-containing protein"
     Region          6..78
                     /note="Predicted membrane protein (DUF2109); pfam09882"
        1 mielwicglv avyaairiaf vknnllklpf lnvigfavag slvlilkdpl slaaaaaffi
       61 gttlesnaia sriaggkke
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