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Drug interaction list

D01332  Ketotifen fumarate (JP17/USAN); Zaditen (TN)

Interactions: 375 hits    [ ATC classification | Therapeutic category ]

C07521  Thiopental (P) unclassified
C17725  Heptabarbital (P) unclassified
D00068  Alcohol (USP); Anhydrous ethanol (JP17); Dehydrated ethanol; Ethyl alcohol; Dehydrated ethanol (TN) (P) unclassified
D00076  Noradrenaline (JP17); Norepinephrine (INN); Nor adrenalin (TN) (P) unclassified
D00136  Haloperidol (JP17/USP/INN); Haldol (TN) (P) unclassified
D00138  Scopolamine (INN); Transderm scop (TN) (P) unclassified
D00225  Alprazolam (JP17/USP/INN); Xanax (TN) (P) unclassified
D00234  Astemizole (JAN/USP/INN); Hismanal (TN) (P) Target: HRH1
D00265  Chloral hydrate (JP17/USP); Noctec (TN) (P) unclassified
D00267  Chlordiazepoxide (JP17/USP/INN); Libritabs (TN) (P) unclassified
D00270  Chlorpromazine (USP/INN); Thorazine (TN) (P) Target: HRH1
D00283  Clozapine (JAN/USP/INN); Clozaril (TN) (P) unclassified
D00293  Diazepam (JP17/USP/INN); Diastat (TN); Valium (TN) (P) unclassified
D00300  Diphenhydramine (JP17/INN); Restamin (TN) (P) Target: HRH1
D00308  Droperidol (JP17/USP/INN); Droleptan (TN); Inapsine (TN) (P) unclassified
D00311  Estazolam (JP17/USAN/INN); ProSom (TN) (P) unclassified
D00329  Flurazepam (JAN/INN); Insumin (TN) (P) unclassified
D00338  Halazepam (USAN/INN); Paxipam (TN) (P) unclassified
D00364  Loratadine (JAN/USAN/INN); Claritin (TN) (P) Target: HRH1
D00365  Lorazepam (JP17/USP/INN); Ativan (TN) (P) unclassified
D00370  Temazepam (USP/INN); Restoril (TN) (P) unclassified
D00373  Thioridazine (USP/INN); Mellaril-S (TN) (P) unclassified
D00374  Thiothixene (USP); Tiotixene (JAN); Navane (TN) (P) unclassified
D00376  Meprobamate (JAN/USP/INN); Equanil (TN); Miltown (TN) (P) unclassified
D00387  Triazolam (JAN/USP/INN); Halcion (TN) (P) unclassified
D00388  Triclofos sodium (JP17/USAN); Tricloryl (TN) (P) unclassified
D00390  Triflupromazine (USP/INN); Vesprin (TN) (P) unclassified
D00403  Methotrimeprazine (USP); Levomepromazine (USAN/INN); Levoprome (TN) (P) unclassified
D00426  Risperidone (JP17/USAN/INN); Risperdal (TN) (P) unclassified
D00430  Secobarbital (USP/INN); Seconal (TN) (P) unclassified
D00451  Sumatriptan (JAN/USP/INN); Imigran (TN); Imitrex (TN) (P) unclassified
D00454  Olanzapine (JAN/USP/INN); Zyprexa (TN) (P) Target: HRH1
D00457  Quazepam (JAN/USP/INN); Doral (TN) (P) unclassified
D00458  Quetiapine fumarate (JP17/USAN); Seroquel (TN) (P) Target: HRH1
D00464  Oxazepam (JAN/USP/INN); Serax (TN) (P) unclassified
D00470  Prazepam (JP17/USAN/INN); Centrax (TN) (P) unclassified
D00474  Primidone (JP17/USP/INN); Mysoline (TN) (P) unclassified
D00479  Prochlorperazine maleate (JP17/USP); Compazine (TN) (P) unclassified
D00480  Promethazine hydrochloride (JP17/USP); Phenergan (TN); Promethegan (TN) (P) Target: HRH1
D00493  Prochlorperazine (JAN/USP/INN); Compro (TN) (P) unclassified
D00494  Promethazine (JAN/INN) (P) Target: HRH1
D00499  Pentobarbital (USP/INN); Nembutal (TN) (P) unclassified
D00500  Pentobarbital sodium (JAN/USP); Nembutal sodium (TN) (P) unclassified
D00503  Perphenazine (JP17/USP/INN); Trilafon (TN) (P) unclassified
D00506  Phenobarbital (JP17/USP/INN); Luminal (TN) (P) unclassified
D00514  Dexmedetomidine (USAN/INN); Dexdor (TN); Precedex (TN) (P) unclassified
D00520  Dimenhydrinate (JP17/USP/INN); Dramamine (TN) (P) Target: HRH1
D00521  Terfenadine (JAN/USAN/INN); Seldane (TN) (P) Target: HRH1
D00530  Zaleplon (JAN/USAN/INN); Sonata (TN) (P) unclassified
D00531  Nitrazepam (JP17/USAN/INN); Benzalin (TN); Nitrazepam (TN) (P) unclassified
D00532  Glutethimide (JAN/INN); Doriden (TN) (P) unclassified
D00550  Midazolam (JAN/USP/INN); Dormicum (TN); Buccolam (TN); Nayzilam (TN) (P) unclassified
D00555  Amobarbital (JP17/INN); Isomytal (TN) (P) unclassified
D00557  Methaqualone (JAN/USAN/INN) (P) unclassified
D00560  Pimozide (JP17/USP/INN); Orap (TN) (P) unclassified
D00561  Sertindole (USAN/INN); SerLect (TN) (P) unclassified
D00601  Metoprolol tartrate (JP17/USP); Lopressor (TN) (P) unclassified
D00659  Azelastine hydrochloride (JP17/USAN); Astelin (TN) (P) Target: HRH1
D00662  Azatadine maleate (USP); Optimine (TN) (P) Target: HRH1
D00663  Brompheniramine maleate (USAN); Dimetane (TN) (P) Target: HRH1
D00664  Cetirizine hydrochloride (JP17/USAN); Zyrtec (TN) (P) Target: HRH1
D00665  Chlorpheniramine maleate (JP17/USP); Chlor-trimeton (TN); Teldrin (TN) (P) Target: HRH1
D00666  Clemastine fumarate (JP17/USP); Tavist (TN) (P) Target: HRH1
D00668  Dexchlorpheniramine maleate (USP); d-Chlorpheniramine maleate (JP17); Mylaramine (TN); Polaramine (TN) (P) Target: HRH1
D00669  Diphenhydramine hydrochloride (JP17/USP); Benadryl (TN) (P) Target: HRH1
D00671  Fexofenadine hydrochloride (JP17/USAN); Allegra (TN) (P) Target: HRH1
D00672  Hydroxyzine hydrochloride (JP17/USP); Atarax (TN); Vistaril (TN) (P) Target: HRH1
D00676  Sumatriptan succinate (JAN/USAN); Alsuma (TN); Imitrex (TN); Sumave dosepro (TN); Zecutity (TN) (P) unclassified
D00693  Chlordiazepoxide hydrochloride (JAN/USP); Librium (TN) (P) unclassified
D00694  Clorazepate dipotassium (JP17/USP); Tranxene (TN) (P) unclassified
D00695  Flurazepam hydrochloride (USP); Flurazepam dihydrochloride; Dalmane (TN) (P) unclassified
D00696  Midazolam hydrochloride (USAN); Versed (TN) (P) unclassified
D00698  Aprobarbital (INN); Alurate (TN) (P) unclassified
D00701  Phenobarbital sodium (JAN/USP/INN); Luminal sodium (TN) (P) unclassified
D00702  Buspirone hydrochloride (USP); Buspar (TN) (P) unclassified
D00704  Ethchlorvynol (JAN/USP/INN); Placidyl (TN) (P) unclassified
D00705  Paraldehyde (USP); Paral (TN) (P) unclassified
D00706  Zolpidem tartrate (JP17/USAN); Ambien (TN); Intermezzo (TN) (P) unclassified
D00712  Methohexital sodium (USP); Brevital sodium (TN) (P) unclassified
D00714  Thiopental sodium (JP17/USP/INN); Pentothal (TN) (P) unclassified
D00720  Mepenzolate bromide (JP17/INN); Cantil (TN) (P) unclassified
D00754  Thalidomide (JAN/USP/INN); Thalomid (TN); Thaled (TN) (P) unclassified
D00788  Acetophenazine maleate (USAN); Tindal (TN) (P) unclassified
D00789  Chlorpromazine hydrochloride (JP17/USP); Sonazine (TN) (P) Target: HRH1
D00790  Chlorprothixene (JAN/USAN/INN); Taractan (TN) (P) unclassified
D00791  Fluphenazine hydrochloride (JAN/USP); Prolixin (TN) (P) unclassified
D00792  Fluphenazine enanthate (JP17/USP); Prolixin enanthate (TN) (P) unclassified
D00793  Fluphenazine decanoate (JAN/USP); Prolixin decanoate (TN) (P) unclassified
D00794  Loxapine succinate (USP); Loxitane (TN) (P) unclassified
D00795  Mesoridazine besylate (USP); Serentil (TN) (P) unclassified
D00796  Molindone hydrochloride (USP); Moban (TN) (P) unclassified
D00797  Promazine hydrochloride (USP); Sparine (TN) (P) unclassified
D00798  Thioridazine hydrochloride (JP17/USP); Mellaril (TN) (P) unclassified
D00799  Trifluoperazine hydrochloride (JAN/USP); Stelazine (TN) (P) unclassified
D00800  Triflupromazine hydrochloride (JAN/USP); Vesprin (TN) (P) unclassified
D00801  Lithium carbonate (JP17/USP); Eskalith (TN); Lithobid (TN) (P) unclassified
D00818  Maprotiline hydrochloride (JP17/USP); Ludiomil (TN) (P) unclassified
D00831  Mefloquine hydrochloride (JP17/USP); Lariam (TN) (P) unclassified
D01044  Flupentixol (INN); Flupenthixol; Depixol (TN) (P) unclassified
D01071  Hexobarbital (JAN/INN) (P) unclassified
D01096  Hydroxyzine pamoate (JP17/USP); Atarax-P (TN); Vistaril pamoate (TN) (P) Target: HRH1
D01101  Bromperidol (JAN/USAN/INN); Impromen (TN) (P) unclassified
D01105  Moperone hydrochloride (JAN); Luvatren (TN) (P) unclassified
D01143  Isothipendyl hydrochloride (JAN); Andantol (TN) (P) Target: HRH1
D01150  Methyprylon (JAN/INN); Noludar (TN) (P) unclassified
D01164  Aripiprazole (JAN/USAN/INN); Abilify (TN) (P) unclassified
D01165  Piperidolate hydrochloride (JAN); Dactil (TN) (P) unclassified
D01172  Diphenylpyraline hydrochloride (JAN); Hispril (TN); Vena (TN) (P) Target: HRH1
D01174  Pheniramine maleate (JAN/USP) (P) Target: HRH1
D01192  Olopatadine hydrochloride (JP17/USP); Allelock (TN); Patanol (TN); Opatanol (TN) (P) Target: HRH1
D01205  Dexmedetomidine hydrochloride (JAN/USAN); Precedex (TN) (P) unclassified
D01219  Oxypertine (JAN/USAN/INN); Forit (TN) (P) unclassified
D01226  Sulpiride (JP17/USAN/INN); Dogmatyl (TN) (P) unclassified
D01230  Flunitrazepam (JP17/USAN/INN); Rohypnol (TN) (P) unclassified
D01242  Promethazine teoclate (JAN/INN); Avomine (TN) (P) Target: HRH1
D01245  Bromazepam (JP17/USAN/INN); Lectopam (TN) (P) unclassified
D01253  Clobazam (JAN/USAN/INN); Mystan (TN); Onfi (TN) (P) unclassified
D01254  Tofisopam (JP17/INN); Emandaxin (TN) (P) unclassified
D01268  Cloxazolam (JP17/INN); Sepazon (TN) (P) unclassified
D01277  Droxidopa (JP17/INN); Dops (TN); Northera (TN) (P) unclassified
D01280  Warfarin potassium (JP17); Athrombin-K (TN) (P) unclassified
D01292  Medazepam (JP17/INN); Pamnace (TN) (P) unclassified
D01293  Ethyl loflazepate (JAN/INN); Meilax (TN) (P) unclassified
D01295  Cinnarizine (JAN/USAN/INN) (P) Target: HRH1
D01310  Secobarbital sodium (JAN/USP); Seconal sodium (TN) (P) unclassified
D01317  Meclizine hydrochloride (JAN/USP); Meclizine dihydrochloride monohydrate; Antivert (TN) (P) Target: HRH1
D01321  Zotepine (JAN/INN); Setous (TN) (P) unclassified
D01324  Mequitazine (JP17/INN); Kitazemin (TN) (P) Target: HRH1
D01328  Clotiazepam (JP17/INN); Rize (TN) (P) unclassified
D01332  Ketotifen fumarate (JP17/USAN); Zaditen (TN) (P) Target: HRH1
D01336  Carbinoxamine maleate (JAN/USP); Clistin (TN); Karbinal er (TN) (P) Target: HRH1
D01343  Dimethindene maleate (USAN); Dimetindene maleate (JAN); Forhistal maleate (TN) (P) Target: HRH1
D01354  Fludiazepam (JP17/INN); Erispan (TN) (P) unclassified
D01372  Zopiclone (JAN/INN); Amoban (TN); Zopiclone (TN) (P) unclassified
D01391  Bromovalerylurea (JP17); Bromisoval (INN); Bromisovalum; Bromovalerylurea (TN); Bromural (TN); Brovarin (TN) (P) unclassified
D01408  Flurazepam hydrochloride (JP17); Flurazepam monohydrochloride; Dalmate (TN) (P) unclassified
D01412  Perazine maleate (JAN) (P) unclassified
D01447  Thioproperazine mesilate (JAN); Thioproperazine mesylate (P) unclassified
D01448  Trifluoperazine maleate (JAN); Trifluoperazine (TN) (P) unclassified
D01451  Scopolamine butylbromide (JP17); Butylscopolamine bromide; Buscopan (TN) (P) unclassified
D01460  Homochlorcyclizine hydrochloride (JP17); Homochlorcyclizine dihydrochloride; SA 97 dihydrochloride; Homoclomin (TN) (P) Target: HRH1
D01478  Ebastine (JP17/USAN/INN); Kestine (TN) (P) Target: HRH1
D01482  Pipamperone hydrochloride (JAN) (P) unclassified
D01485  Propericiazine (JAN); Periciazine; Neuleptil (TN) (P) unclassified
D01491  Butropium bromide (JP17/INN); Coliopan (TN) (P) unclassified
D01514  Etizolam (JP17/INN); Sedekopan (TN) (P) unclassified
D01520  Levomepromazine hydrochloride (JAN/USAN); Nozinan (TN) (P) unclassified
D01522  Tiapride hydrochloride (JP17); Gramalil (TN) (P) unclassified
D01548  Mosapramine hydrochloride (JAN); Cremin (TN) (P) unclassified
D01597  Clothiapine (USAN); Clotiapine (JAN/INN); Entumin (TN) (P) unclassified
D01627  Diphenylpyraline teoclate (JAN); Piprinhydrinate; Plokon (TN) (P) Target: HRH1
D01654  Bepotastine besylate (USAN); Bepotastine besilate (JP17); Bepreve (TN); Talion (TN) (P) Target: HRH1
D01657  Lormetazepam (JAN/USAN/INN); Loramet (TN) (P) unclassified
D01713  Epinastine hydrochloride (JAN); Alesion (TN); Elestat (TN) (P) Target: HRH1
D01717  Levocabastine hydrochloride (JAN/USAN); Livostin (TN) (P) Target: HRH1
D01740  Barbital (JP17/INN); Barbital (TN) (P) unclassified
D01744  Brotizolam (JP17/USAN/INN); Lendormin (TN) (P) unclassified
D01773  Oxatomide (JAN/USAN/INN); Celtect (TN) (P) Target: HRH1
D01782  Triprolidine hydrochloride (USP); Triprolidine hydrochloride hydrate (JAN); Venen (TN) (P) Target: HRH1
D01807  Mebutamate (JAN/USAN); Capla (TN); Dormate (TN) (P) unclassified
D01860  Perazine dimalonate (JAN) (P) unclassified
D01875  Tiquizium bromide (JAN/INN); Thiaton (TN) (P) unclassified
D01898  Haloperidol decanoate (JAN/USAN); Halomonth (TN) (P) unclassified
D01902  Fonazine mesylate (USAN); Dimetotiazine mesilate (JAN); Banistyl (TN) (P) Target: HRH1
D01939  Ziprasidone hydrochloride (USAN); Ziprasidone hydrochloride hydrate (JAN); Geodon (TN) (P) unclassified
D01976  N-Methylscopolamine methylsulfate (JAN); Daipin (TN) (P) unclassified
D02022  Prochlorperazine mesilate (JAN); Prochlorperazine dimethanesulfonate; Novamin (TN) (P) unclassified
D02037  Perphenazine maleate (JP17); PZC (TN) (P) unclassified
D02069  Atropine sulfate (JP17/USP); Isopto Atropine (TN) (P) unclassified
D02071  Scopolamine hydrobromide (USP); Scopolamine hydrobromide hydrate (JP17); Scopolamine hydrobromide trihydrate; Hysco (TN); Isopto hyoscine (TN) (P) unclassified
D02090  Cyclizine lactate (BAN); Marezine (TN) (P) Target: HRH1
D02091  Tripelennamine hydrochloride (USP); PBZ-SR (TN) (P) Target: HRH1
D02100  Ziprasidone mesylate (USAN); Ziprasidone mesylate hydrate; Geodon (TN) (P) unclassified
D02148  Phenindamine tartrate (USAN); Nolahist (TN) (P) Target: HRH1
D02162  Chlorprothixene hydrochloride (JAN) (P) unclassified
D02163  Fluphenazine maleate (JAN); Flumezin (TN) (P) unclassified
D02208  Sultopride hydrochloride (JAN); Sultopride monohydrochloride; Barnetil (TN) (P) unclassified
D02234  Cyproheptadine hydrochloride (JP17/USP); Periactin (TN) (P) Target: HRH1
D02236  Flupentixol dihydrochloride (JAN) (P) unclassified
D02245  Trimeprazine tartrate (USP); Alimemazine tartrate (JP17); Alimezine (TN) (P) Target: HRH1
D02248  Levomepromazine maleate (JP17/USAN); Hirnamin (TN) (P) unclassified
D02249  Emedastine difumarate (JP17/USP); Daren (TN); Emadine (TN) (P) Target: HRH1
D02252  Amobarbital sodium (JAN/USP); Amytal sodium (TN) (P) unclassified
D02253  Pentobarbital calcium (JP17); Ravona (TN) (P) unclassified
D02327  Doxylamine succinate (USP); Decapryn (TN) (P) Target: HRH1
D02340  Loxapine (USAN/INN); Adasuve (TN) (P) unclassified
D02361  Propiomazine (USAN/INN) (P) unclassified
D02363  Ketanserin (USAN/INN) (P) Target: HRH1
D02419  Diphenhydramine salicylate (JAN) (P) Target: HRH1
D02535  Timepidium bromide hydrate (JP17); Sesden (TN) (P) unclassified
D02604  Acepromazine maleate (USP) (P) unclassified
D02608  Perazine fendizoate (JAN) (P) unclassified
D02609  Prochlorperazine edisylate (USP); Compazine syrup (TN) (P) unclassified
D02612  Thiothixene hydrochloride (USP); Thiothixene dihydrochloride dihydrate; Tiotixene dihydrochloride; Thiothixene hydrochloride (TN) (P) unclassified
D02613  Clopenthixol (USAN) (P) unclassified
D02615  Chlorpromazine hydrochloride, promethazine hydrochloride and phenobarbital; Vegetamin (TN) (P) unclassified
D02618  Butobarbital (BAN); Butethal; Neonal (TN) (P) unclassified
D02619  Carbromal (INN); Adalin (TN) (P) unclassified
D02621  Fluanisone (INN) (P) unclassified
D02622  Pipamperone (USAN/INN); Floropipamide (P) unclassified
D02623  Moperone (INN) (P) unclassified
D02624  Eszopiclone (JAN/USAN/INN); Estorra (TN); Lunesta (TN) (P) unclassified
D02625  Trifluperidol (USAN/INN); Triperidol (TN) (P) unclassified
D02626  Bromperidol decanoate (USAN) (P) unclassified
D02627  Benperidol (USAN/INN); Anquil (TN) (P) unclassified
D02629  Fluspirilene (USAN/INN); Imap (TN) (P) unclassified
D02630  Penfluridol (USAN/INN); Semap (TN) (P) unclassified
D02642  Butaperazine (USAN) (P) unclassified
D02643  Butaperazine maleate (USAN) (P) unclassified
D02666  Iloperidone (USAN/INN); Fanapt (TN) (P) unclassified
D02671  Mesoridazine (USAN/INN); Lidanar (TN) (P) unclassified
D02680  Pipotiazine palmitate (USAN); Piportil depot (TN) (P) unclassified
D02682  Remoxipride (USAN) (P) unclassified
D02683  Remoxipride hydrochloride (USAN) (P) unclassified
D02689  Ramelteon (JAN/USAN/INN); Rozerem (TN) (P) unclassified
D02717  Valnoctamide (USAN/INN); Axiquel (TN) (P) unclassified
D02760  Acrivastine (USAN/INN) (P) Target: HRH1
D02770  Adinazolam (USAN/INN) (P) unclassified
D02771  Adinazolam mesylate (USAN) (P) unclassified
D02798  Alcohol diluted (NF) (P) unclassified
D02817  Allobarbital (USAN/INN) (P) unclassified
D02950  Antazoline phosphate (USP) (P) Target: HRH1
D02995  Asenapine maleate (JAN/USAN); Saphris (TN) (P) unclassified
D03089  Benzoctamine hydrochloride (USAN) (P) unclassified
D03274  Chlorpromazine hibenzate (JAN); Contomin (TN) (P) Target: HRH1
D03285  Diphenhydramine tannate (JP17); Restamin A (TN) (P) Target: HRH1
D03290  Promethazine methylenedisalicylate (JAN); Pyrethia (TN) (P) Target: HRH1
D03360  Diphenhydramine laurylsulfate (JAN); Vena (TN) (P) Target: HRH1
D03475  Chlorpheniramine polistirex (USAN) (P) Target: HRH1
D03535  Clemastine (USAN) (P) Target: HRH1
D03556  Zuclopenthixol (INN); Clopixol (TN) (P) unclassified
D03562  Clorazepate monopotassium (USAN) (P) unclassified
D03621  Cyclizine (INN) (P) Target: HRH1
D03622  Cyclizine hydrochloride (USP) (P) Target: HRH1
D03693  Desloratadine (JAN/USAN/INN); Clarinex (TN) (P) Target: HRH1
D03704  Dexbrompheniramine maleate (USAN); Disomer (TN) (P) Target: HRH1
D03785  Dichloralphenazone (USP) (P) unclassified
D03854  Diphenhydramine citrate (USP) (P) Target: HRH1
D03975  Allylisopropylacetylurea; Apronal; Apronalide (P) unclassified
D04034  Chlorpromazine phenolphthalinate (JAN); Wintermin (TN) (P) Target: HRH1
D04038  Perphenazine fendizoate (JAN); PZC (TN) (P) unclassified
D04059  Mepenzolate bromide and phenobarbital; Trancolon P (TN) (P) unclassified
D04062  Scopolia extract (JP17); Scopolia extract powder (JP17); Scopolia extract (TN) (P) unclassified
D04307  Proxyphylline, ephedrine hydrochloride and phenobarbital; Asthmolysin D (TN) (P) unclassified
D04379  Propantheline bromide, sodium copper chlorophyllin and magnesium silicate; Methaphyllin (TN) (P) unclassified
D04494  Icotidine (USAN) (P) Target: HRH1
D04650  Ketazolam (USAN/INN) (P) unclassified
D04749  Lithium citrate (USP); Lithonate (TN) (P) unclassified
D04750  Lithium hydroxide (USP) (P) unclassified
D04855  Ethanol for disinfection (JP17); Ethanol for disinfection (TN) (P) unclassified
D04882  Medazepam hydrochloride (USAN); Nobrium (TN) (P) unclassified
D04965  Perphenazine hydrochloride; Perphenazine dihydrochloride; PZC intramuscular injection (TN) (P) unclassified
D04985  Methohexital (USP/INN) (P) unclassified
D05028  Midazolam maleate (USAN) (P) unclassified
D05339  Paliperidone (JAN/USAN/INN); Invega (TN) (P) unclassified
D05340  Paliperidone palmitate (JAN/USAN); Xeplion (TN); Trevicta (TN) (P) unclassified
D05660  Pyrilamine maleate (USP); Pymafed (TN) (P) Target: HRH1
D06246  Tripelennamine citrate; PBZ (TN) (P) Target: HRH1
D06273  Imidafenacin (JAN/INN); Uritos (TN); Staybla (TN) (P) unclassified
D06542  Ethanol (JP17); Ethanol (TN) (P) unclassified
D06552  Alcaftadine (JAN/USAN/INN); Lastacaft (TN) (P) Target: HRH1
D06623  Olanzapine pamoate (USAN); Olanzapine pamoate monohydrate; Zyprexa (TN) (P) Target: HRH1
D06699  Japanese valerian (JP17); Powdered japanese valerian (JP17); Valerianae radix (TN) (P) unclassified
D06887  Talbutal (INN); Lotusate (TN) (P) unclassified
D07065  Acepromazine (INN); Concentrat vo34 (TN) (P) unclassified
D07125  Alimemazine (INN); Trimeprazine (BAN); Repeltin (TN) (P) Target: HRH1
D07198  Chlorphenoxamine (INN) (P) Target: HRH1
D07307  Cyamemazine (INN); Tercian (TN) (P) unclassified
D07308  Chlorproethazine (INN) (P) unclassified
D07309  Melperone (INN); Bunil (TN) (P) unclassified
D07310  Amisulpride (INN); Deniban (TN); Solian (TN) (P) unclassified
D07311  Veralipride (INN); Agreal (TN) (P) unclassified
D07312  Levosulpiride (INN); Levopraid (TN) (P) unclassified
D07313  Prothipendyl (INN) (P) unclassified
D07314  Pinazepam (INN); Domar (TN) (P) unclassified
D07315  Camazepam (INN) (P) unclassified
D07316  Captodiame (BAN) (P) unclassified
D07317  Emylcamate (INN) (P) unclassified
D07318  Mephenoxalone (INN); Dorsiflex (TN) (P) unclassified
D07319  Gedocarnil (INN) (P) unclassified
D07320  Etifoxine (INN/BAN) (P) unclassified
D07321  Vinylbital (INN); Vinylbitone (P) unclassified
D07322  Vinbarbital (INN) (P) unclassified
D07323  Cyclobarbital (INN); Ciclobarbital (TN) (P) unclassified
D07324  Proxibarbal (INN); Centralgol (TN) (P) unclassified
D07325  Chloralodol (INN); Chlorhexadol (P) unclassified
D07326  Loprazolam (INN); Dormonoct (TN) (P) unclassified
D07327  Doxefazepam (INN) (P) unclassified
D07328  Cinolazepam (INN); Gerodorm (TN) (P) unclassified
D07329  Pyrithyldione (INN) (P) unclassified
D07330  Clomethiazole (INN); Distraneurine (TN) (P) unclassified
D07331  Hexapropymate (INN); Merinax (TN) (P) unclassified
D07332  Methylpentynol (INN); Meparfynol; Methylparafynol; Atemorin (TN) (P) unclassified
D07333  Niaprazine (INN); Nopron (TN) (P) unclassified
D07398  Chlorphenamine (INN); Chlorpheniramine; Clofeniramina (TN) (P) Target: HRH1
D07402  Levocetirizine (USAN/INN); Xazal (TN) (P) Target: HRH1
D07482  Azatadine (INN) (P) Target: HRH1
D07483  Azelastine (INN); Optivar (TN) (P) Target: HRH1
D07543  Brompheniramine (INN); Brotane (TN) (P) Target: HRH1
D07583  Phenytoin and phenobarbital; Aleviatin with phenobarbital (TN) (P) unclassified
D07593  Buspirone (INN); Gen-Buspirone (TN) (P) unclassified
D07617  Carbinoxamine (INN) (P) Target: HRH1
D07662  Cetirizine (INN); Cetiderm (TN) (P) Target: HRH1
D07684  Chlorphenoxamine hydrochloride; Allergex (TN) (P) Target: HRH1
D07685  Chlorproethazine hydrochloride; Neuriplege (TN) (P) unclassified
D07686  Chlorprothixene acetate; Truxal (TN) (P) unclassified
D07687  Chlorprothixene citrate; Truxal (TN) (P) unclassified
D07725  Clomethiazole edisilate; Heminevrin (TN) (P) unclassified
D07734  Cinnarizine dihydrochloride; Celenid (TN) (P) Target: HRH1
D07756  Cyamemazine tartrate; Tercian (TN) (P) unclassified
D07757  Cyclobarbital calcium (BAN); Phanodorn calcium (TN) (P) unclassified
D07765  Cyproheptadine (INN); Ciprovit (TN) (P) Target: HRH1
D07803  Dexchlorpheniramine (INN); d-Chloropheniramine; Dapriton (TN) (P) Target: HRH1
D07853  Dimetindene (INN); Dimethindene (P) Target: HRH1
D07854  Dimetotiazine (INN); Fonazine; Migristene (TN) (P) Target: HRH1
D07860  Dioxopromethazine hydrochloride; Prothanon gel (TN) (P) Target: HRH1
D07862  Diphenylpyraline (INN) (P) Target: HRH1
D07865  Dixyrazine; Esucos (TN) (P) unclassified
D07878  Doxylamine (INN) (P) Target: HRH1
D07890  Emedastine (INN); Emadine (TN) (P) Target: HRH1
D07900  Epinastine (INN); Purivist (TN) (P) Target: HRH1
D07930  Etifoxine hydrochloride; Stresam (TN) (P) unclassified
D07958  Fexofenadine (INN); Telfast (TN) (P) Target: HRH1
D07976  Flupentixol decanoate; Fluanxol depot (TN) (P) unclassified
D07977  Fluphenazine (INN); Moditen (TN) (P) unclassified
D08035  Haloperidol lactate; Haldol (TN) (P) unclassified
D08041  Homochlorcyclizine (INN) (P) Target: HRH1
D08054  Hydroxyzine (INN); Marex (TN) (P) Target: HRH1
D08091  Isothipendyl (INN); Actapront (TN) (P) Target: HRH1
D08099  Ketanserin tartrate; Sufrexal (TN) (P) Target: HRH1
D08105  Ketotifen (INN); Alaway (TN) (P) Target: HRH1
D08118  Levocetirizine dihydrochloride (USAN); Levocetirizine hydrochloride (JAN); Xyzal (TN) (P) Target: HRH1
D08133  Lithium; Normothymin-E (TN) (P) unclassified
D08134  Lithium acetate; Quilonorm (TN) (P) unclassified
D08135  Lithium bromide; Lithium Microsol (TN) (P) unclassified
D08136  Lithium gluconate; Lithioderm (TN) (P) unclassified
D08137  Lithium sulfate; Lithionit (TN) (P) unclassified
D08145  Loprazolam mesilate; Loprazolam mesylate; Loprazolam methanesulfonate; Havlane (TN) (P) unclassified
D08148  Loxapine hydrochloride; Desconex (TN) (P) unclassified
D08170  Melatonin (JAN); Melatonina (TN) (P) unclassified
D08172  Melperone hydrochloride; Buronil (TN) (P) unclassified
D08183  Mepyramine (INN) (P) Target: HRH1
D08184  Mepyramine theophyllineacetate; Mepifiline; Fluidasa (TN) (P) Target: HRH1
D08226  Molindone (INN) (P) unclassified
D08235  Mosapramine (INN) (P) unclassified
D08283  Nordazepam (INN); Calmday (TN) (P) unclassified
D08293  Olopatadine (INN) (P) Target: HRH1
D08341  Perphenazine decanoate; Trilafon dekanoat (TN) (P) unclassified
D08342  Perphenazine enantate; Perphenazine enanthate; Trilafon (TN) (P) unclassified
D08353  Phenindamine (INN) (P) Target: HRH1
D08355  Pheniramine (INN) (P) Target: HRH1
D08385  Pipotiazine (INN); Piportil (TN) (P) unclassified
D08430  Promazine (INN); Combelen [veterinary] (TN) (P) unclassified
D08432  Promethazine maleate; Romergan (TN) (P) Target: HRH1
D08439  Propiomazine maleate; Propavan (TN) (P) unclassified
D08446  Prothipendyl hydrochloride; Dominal (TN) (P) unclassified
D08456  Quetiapine (INN); Norsic (TN) (P) Target: HRH1
D08549  Sultopride (INN) (P) unclassified
D08585  Thioproperazine (INN) (P) unclassified
D08590  Tiapride (INN); Tiapridal (TN) (P) unclassified
D08634  Triclofos (INN); Neguvon [veterinary] (TN) (P) unclassified
D08636  Trifluoperazine (INN); Apo-trifluoperazine (TN) (P) unclassified
D08637  Trifluperidol hydrochloride; Triperidol (TN) (P) unclassified
D08645  Tripelennamine (INN) (P) Target: HRH1
D08648  Triprolidine (INN) (P) Target: HRH1
D08687  Ziprasidone (INN); Zipradon (TN) (P) unclassified
D08690  Zolpidem (INN); Sanval (TN) (P) unclassified
D08691  Zuclopenthixol acetate; Cisordinol-acutard (TN) (P) unclassified
D08692  Zuclopenthixol decanoate; Clopixol depot (TN) (P) unclassified
D08693  Zuclopenthixol dihydrochloride; Clopixol (TN) (P) unclassified
D08707  l-Menthol, gentian, scopolia extract powder and sodium bicarbonate; Bellsan (TN) (P) unclassified
D08768  Promethazine hibenzate; Hiberna (TN) (P) Target: HRH1
D09186  Neostigmine methylsulfate and atropine sulfate; Atvagoreverse (TN) (P) unclassified
D09216  Thiopropazate (INN) (P) unclassified
D09819  Chlorpromazine tannate (JAN) (P) Target: HRH1