Animal Drugs in Japan

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 91  Agents affecting nervous system
 92  Agents affecting circulatory organs, respiratory organs and urinary organs
 93  Agents affecting digestive organs
 94  Agents for breeding
   941  Hormone preparations (except posterior-pituitary hormone and preparations)
     9411  Chorinic gonadotrophic hormone and preparations
     9412  Equine gonadotrophic hormone and preparations
     9413  Anterior petuitary gonadotrophic hormone and preparations
     9414  Follicle stimulating hormone and preparations
     9415  Luteinizing hormone and preparations
     9416  Testicular hormone and preparations
     9417  Synthetic oestrogenic substionces and preparations
     9418  Mixed hormone and preparations
     9419  Other hormone preparations
       C00639  Dinoprost
       C07607  Gonadotropin-releasing hormone I
       C16084  Gonadotropin-releasing hormone II
       C12580  Trilostane
       C12786  Dinoprost tromethamine
       C13301  Buserelin acetate
       D04174  Fertirelin acetate
       D02727  Cloprostenol sodium
       D07932  Etiproston
   942  Oxytocics
   943  Disinfectants for uterus and vagina (except antibiotics, sulfonamide and nitrofuran derivatives and preparations)
   944  Agents for mastitis (except antibiotics, sulfonamide derivatives and preparations)
   945  Agents for artificial inseminations
   949  Other agents for breeding
 95  Agents for external use
 96  Agents affecting metabolism
 97  Agents against pathogenic micro-organisms and parasites (except biological products and disinfectants)
 98  Biological preparations
 99  Agents for not mainly purpose of therapeutic

Last updated: February 23, 2015
Classification code 87 in the Japan Standard Commodity Classification

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