Animal Drugs in Japan

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 91  Agents affecting nervous system
 92  Agents affecting circulatory organs, respiratory organs and urinary organs
 93  Agents affecting digestive organs
 94  Agents for breeding
 95  Agents for external use
   951  Antimicrobials for dermatologic use
   952  Dermatics for purulence (except antibiotics, sulfonamide and nitrofuran derivatives and preparations)
   953  Analgesics, anti-itchings, astringents and antiinflammatory agents
     9531  Methyl salicylate and preparations
     9532  Anti-histaminic and preparations
       C06960  Diphenhydramine
       C07784  Diphenhydramine hydrochloride
     9533  Zinc oxide and preparations
     9534  Bismuth compounds and preparations
     9535  Lead compounds and preparations
     9536  Stimulants for epidemis
     9537  Hormone preparations for external use
     9539  Other analgesics, anti-itchings, astringents and inflammatory agents
   954  Anti-dermoinfectives
     9541  Salicylic acids, derivatives and preparations
     9542  Mercury compounds and preparations
     9543  Tar preparations
     9544  Sulfur compounds and preparations
     9549  Other anti-dermoinfectives
       C00027  Hydrogen peroxide
       C07369  Prednisolone
       C07593  Rotenone
       C07784  Diphenhydramine hydrochloride
       C12677  Acrinol
       C14337  Allethrin
       C18367  Malachite green
   955  Emollients (including caustics)
   956  Bath and disinfectants preparations
   957  Repellants
   958  Agents for protective skin
   959  Other agents for external skin
 96  Agents affecting metabolism
   961  Hormone preparations (except agents for breeding and external use)
   962  Vitamin preparations
   963  Mineral and preparations
   964  Saccharide preparations and blood substitutes
   965  Hemostatics
   966  Anticoagulants
   967  Agents for liver disease and antidotes
   968  Antiallergic agents (including nonspecific antigen preparations)
     9681  Diphenhydramine, derivatives and preparations
       C07784  Diphenhydramine hydrochloride
     9682  Chlorpheniramine, derivatives and preparations
     9683  Protein preparations
     9684  Polysaccharide and preparations
     9685  Diphenylpyraline, derivatives and preparations
     9686  Phenothiazine, derivatives and preparations
     9689  Other antiallergic agents
   969  Other agents affecting metabolism
 97  Agents against pathogenic micro-organisms and parasites (except biological products and disinfectants)
 98  Biological preparations
 99  Agents for not mainly purpose of therapeutic

Last updated: February 23, 2015
Classification code 87 in the Japan Standard Commodity Classification

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