ICD-O-3 International Classification of Diseases for Oncology

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 M800  Neoplasms NOS
 M801-M804  Epithelial neoplasms NOS
 M805-M808  Squamous cell neoplasms
 M809-M811  Basal cell neoplasms
 M812-M813  Transitional cell papillomas and carcinomas
 M814-M838  Adenomas and adenocarcinomas
 M839-M842  Adnexal and skin appendage neoplasms
 M843  Mucoepidermoid neoplasms
 M844-M849  Cystic, mucinous and serous neoplasms
 M850-M854  Ductal, lobular and medullary neoplasms
 M855  Acinar cell neoplasms
 M856-M858  Complex epithelial neoplasms
 M859-M867  Specialized gonadal neoplasms
 M868-M871  Paragangliomas and glomus tumours
 M872-M879  Naevi and melanomas
 M880  Soft tissue tumours and sarcomas NOS
 M881-M883  Fibromatous neoplasms
 M884  Myxomatous neoplasms
 M885-M888  Lipomatous neoplasms
 M889-M892  Myomatous neoplasms
 M893-M899  Complex mixed and stromal neoplasms
 M900-M903  Fibroepithelial neoplasms
 M904  Synovial-like neoplasms
 M905  Mesothelial neoplasms
 M906-M909  Germ cell neoplasms
 M910  Trophoblastic neoplasms
 M911  Mesonephromas
 M912-M916  Blood vessel tumours
 M917  Lymphatic vessel tumours
 M918-M924  Osseous and chondromatous neoplasms
 M925  Giant cell tumours
 M926  Miscellaneous bone tumours
 M927-M934  Odontogenic tumours
 M935-M937  Miscellaneous tumours
 M938-M948  Gliomas
 M949-M952  Neuroepitheliomatous neoplasms
 M953  Meningiomas
 M954-M957  Nerve sheath tumours
 M958  Granular cell tumours and alveolar soft part sarcoma
 M959-M971  Hodgkin's and non-Hodgkin's lymphoma
 M959  Malignant lymphomas NOS or diffuse
 M965-M966  Hodgkin's disease
 M967-M968  Malignant lymphoma, diffuse or NOS, specified type
 M969  Malignant lymphoma, follicular or nodular, with or without diffuse areas
 M970  Specified cutaneous and peripheral T-cell lymphomas
 M971  Other specified non-Hodgkin's lymphomas
 M972  Other lymphoreticular neoplasms
 M973  Plasma cell tumours
 M974  Mast cell tumours
 M976  Immunoproliferative diseases
 M980-M994  Leukaemias
 M980  Leukaemias NOS
 M982  Lymphoid leukaemias
 M983  Plasma cell leukaemia
 M984  Erythroleukaemias
 M985  Lymphosarcoma cell leukaemia
 M986  Myeloid (granulocytic) leukaemias
 M987  Basophilic leukaemia
 M988  Eosinophilic leukaemia
 M989  Monocytic leukaemias
 M990-M994  Other leukaemias
 M995-M997  Miscellaneous myeloproliferative and lymphoproliferative disorders
 M998  Myelodysplastic syndrome

Last updated: July 26, 2012
World Health Organization, International Classification of Diseases (ICD)