KEGG Orthology (KO) - Escherichia coli KO11FL

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 09100 Metabolism
 09120 Genetic Information Processing
 09130 Environmental Information Processing
 09140 Cellular Processes
 09150 Organismal Systems
 09160 Human Diseases
 09180 Brite Hierarchies
   09181 Protein families: metabolism
   09182 Protein families: genetic information processing
   09183 Protein families: signaling and cellular processes
     02000 Transporters [BR:eko02000]
     02044 Secretion system [BR:eko02044]
     02042 Bacterial toxins [BR:eko02042]
     02022 Two-component system [BR:eko02022]
     02035 Bacterial motility proteins [BR:eko02035]
     04812 Cytoskeleton proteins [BR:eko04812]
     04147 Exosome [BR:eko04147]
     02048 Prokaryotic defense system [BR:eko02048]
       EKO11_1014 CRISPR-associated protein Cas1
       EKO11_1015 CRISPR-associated protein Cas2
       EKO11_1008 CRISPR-associated helicase Cas3
       EKO11_1009 CRISPR-associated protein
       EKO11_1010 CRISPR-associated protein
       EKO11_1011 CRISPR-associated protein
       EKO11_1012 CRISPR-associated protein Cas5 family
       EKO11_1013 CRISPR-associated protein
       EKO11_4036 type III restriction protein res subunit
       EKO11_4038 restriction modification system DNA specificity domain protein
       EKO11_4037 N-6 DNA methylase
       EKO11_4012 N-6 DNA methylase
       EKO11_3028 DNA adenine methylase
       EKO11_0358 DNA adenine methylase
       EKO11_0463 DNA methylase N-4/N-6 domain protein
       EKO11_4668 DNA methylase N-4/N-6 domain protein
       EKO11_1814 DNA-cytosine methyltransferase
       EKO11_4431 DNA-cytosine methyltransferase
       EKO11_4009 ATPase associated with various cellular activities AAA_5
       EKO11_4010 5-methylcytosine restriction system component-like protein
       EKO11_0171 Hok/gef cell toxic protein
       EKO11_2481 Hok/gef cell toxic protein
       EKO11_3896 Hok/gef cell toxic protein
       EKO11_1007 Hok/gef cell toxic protein
       EKO11_0196 hypothetical protein
       EKO11_0198 hypothetical protein
       EKO11_0200 hypothetical protein
       EKO11_2636 toxic polypeptide
       EKO11_2499 restriction alleviation protein
       EKO11_2500 protein of unknown function DUF1187
       EKO11_0986 transcriptional modulator of MazE/toxin
       EKO11_0985 transcriptional regulator/antitoxin
       EKO11_4085 transcriptional modulator of MazE/toxin
       EKO11_4086 transcriptional regulator/antitoxin
       EKO11_0589 hypothetical protein
       EKO11_0590 putative regulator PrlF
       EKO11_2223 addiction module toxin
       EKO11_2222 addiction module antitoxin
       EKO11_3676 addiction module toxin
       EKO11_3675 addiction module antitoxin
       EKO11_1777 addiction module toxin
       EKO11_1776 prevent-host-death family protein
       EKO11_2309 HipA N-terminal domain protein
       EKO11_2308 helix-turn-helix domain protein
       EKO11_2382 YcfA family protein
       EKO11_2381 transcriptional regulator
       EKO11_3387 hemolysin expression modulating family protein
       EKO11_4701 hemolysin expression modulating family protein
       EKO11_3386 Biofilm formation regulator YbaJ
       EKO11_2544 phage shock protein C
       EKO11_2545 phage shock protein B
       EKO11_1711 plasmid stabilization system
       EKO11_1712 addiction module antidote protein
       EKO11_0637 transcriptional regulator
       EKO11_3364 plasmid maintenance system antidote protein
       EKO11_2343 plasmid maintenance system antidote protein
       EKO11_1261 PilT protein domain protein
       EKO11_1260 putative post-segregational killing toxin
       EKO11_4299 hypothetical protein
       EKO11_4061 Conserved hypothetical protein CHP00022
       EKO11_3080 protein of unknown function DUF1471
       EKO11_2773 biofilm formation regulatory protein BssS
       EKO11_3049 biofilm formation regulatory protein BssR
       EKO11_2722 protein of unknown function DUF1471
       EKO11_3819 cell division protein FtsZ
       EKO11_0474 cell shape determining protein
       EKO11_0697 DNA topoisomerase IV
       EKO11_0688 DNA topoisomerase IV
       EKO11_1322 glutamyl-tRNA synthetase
       EKO11_4025 protein of unknown function DUF1219
       EKO11_0048 protein of unknown function DUF1219
       EKO11_4026 YagBYeeUYfjZ family protein
       EKO11_0049 YagBYeeUYfjZ family protein
       EKO11_0835 protein of unknown function DUF1434
       EKO11_0834 protein of unknown function DUF339
       EKO11_4190 Protein of unknown function DUF2566
       EKO11_4191 hypothetical protein
       EKO11_1203 cysteine desulfurase IscS
K15342 cas1; CRISP-associated protein Cas1
K09951 cas2; CRISPR-associated protein Cas2
K07012 cas3; CRISPR-associated endonuclease/helicase Cas3 [EC:3.1.-.- 3.6.4.-]
K19123 casA; CRISPR system Cascade subunit CasA
K19046 casB; CRISPR system Cascade subunit CasB
K19124 casC; CRISPR system Cascade subunit CasC
K19125 casD; CRISPR system Cascade subunit CasD
K19126 casE; CRISPR system Cascade subunit CasE
K01153 hsdR; type I restriction enzyme, R subunit [EC:]
K01154 hsdS; type I restriction enzyme, S subunit [EC:]
K03427 hsdM; type I restriction enzyme M protein [EC:]
K03427 hsdM; type I restriction enzyme M protein [EC:]
K06223 dam; DNA adenine methylase [EC:]
K06223 dam; DNA adenine methylase [EC:]
K07319 yhdJ; adenine-specific DNA-methyltransferase [EC:]
K07319 yhdJ; adenine-specific DNA-methyltransferase [EC:]
K00558 DNMT1; DNA (cytosine-5)-methyltransferase 1 [EC:]
K00558 DNMT1; DNA (cytosine-5)-methyltransferase 1 [EC:]
K07452 mcrB; 5-methylcytosine-specific restriction enzyme B [EC:3.1.21.-]
K19147 mcrC; 5-methylcytosine-specific restriction enzyme subunit McrC
K18920 hokA; protein HokA
K18919 hokC_D; protein HokC/D
K18919 hokC_D; protein HokC/D
K18922 hokE; protein HokE
K18862 ldrA_B_C_D; small toxic polypeptide LdrA/B/C/D
K18862 ldrA_B_C_D; small toxic polypeptide LdrA/B/C/D
K18862 ldrA_B_C_D; small toxic polypeptide LdrA/B/C/D
K18862 ldrA_B_C_D; small toxic polypeptide LdrA/B/C/D
K19779 ralR; endodeoxyribonuclease RalR [EC:3.1.-.-]
K19780 ralA; antisense regulator of RalR protein
K07171 mazF; mRNA interferase MazF [EC:3.1.-.-]
K07172 mazE; antitoxin MazE
K18841 chpB; mRNA interferase ChpB [EC:3.1.-.-]
K18842 chpS; antitoxin ChpS
K19155 yhaV; toxin YhaV [EC:3.1.-.-]
K19156 prlF; antitoxin PrlF
K06218 relE; mRNA interferase RelE/StbE
K18918 relB; RHH-type transcriptional regulator, rel operon repressor / antitoxin RelB
K19157 yafQ; mRNA interferase YafQ [EC:3.1.-.-]
K07473 dinJ; DNA-damage-inducible protein J
K19158 yoeB; toxin YoeB [EC:3.1.-.-]
K19159 yefM; antitoxin YefM
K07154 hipA; serine/threonine-protein kinase HipA [EC:]
K15773 hipB; HTH-type transcriptional regulator / antitoxin HipB
K07339 hicA; mRNA interferase HicA [EC:3.1.-.-]
K18843 hicB; antitoxin HicB
K05839 hha; haemolysin expression modulating protein
K05839 hha; haemolysin expression modulating protein
K19162 tomB; hha toxicity modulator TomB
K03973 pspC; phage shock protein C
K03970 pspB; phage shock protein B
K19092 parE1_3_4; toxin ParE1/3/4
K07746 parD1_3_4; antitoxin ParD1/3/4
K18831 higA; HTH-type transcriptional regulator / antitoxin HigA
K21498 higA-1; antitoxin HigA-1
K21498 higA-1; antitoxin HigA-1
K18828 mvpA; tRNA(fMet)-specific endonuclease VapC [EC:3.1.-.-]
K18829 mvpT; antitoxin VapB
K16214 pezT; UDP-N-acetylglucosamine kinase [EC:]
K19334 tabA; biofilm protein TabA
K13650 mcbA; MqsR-controlled colanic acid and biofilm protein A
K12148 bssS; biofilm regulator BssS
K19688 bssR; biofilm regulator BssR
K12151 bhsA; multiple stress resistance protein BhsA
K03531 ftsZ; cell division protein FtsZ
K03569 mreB; rod shape-determining protein MreB and related proteins
K02621 parC; topoisomerase IV subunit A [EC:]
K02622 parE; topoisomerase IV subunit B [EC:]
K01885 EARS; glutamyl-tRNA synthetase [EC:]
K18837 cbtA; cytoskeleton-binding toxin CbtA and related proteins
K18837 cbtA; cytoskeleton-binding toxin CbtA and related proteins
K18838 cbeA; cytoskeleton bundling-enhancing protein CbeA and related proteins
K18838 cbeA; cytoskeleton bundling-enhancing protein CbeA and related proteins
K19168 cptA; toxin CptA
K09159 cptB; antitoxin CptB
K18839 ghoT; toxin GhoT
K18840 ghoS; antitoxin GhoS
K04487 iscS; cysteine desulfurase [EC:]
     04030 G protein-coupled receptors
     04050 Cytokine receptors
     04054 Pattern recognition receptors
     03310 Nuclear receptors
     04040 Ion channels [BR:eko04040]
     04031 GTP-binding proteins
     04052 Cytokines and growth factors
     04515 Cell adhesion molecules
     04090 CD molecules [BR:eko04090]
     00535 Proteoglycans
     00536 Glycosaminoglycan binding proteins
     00537 Glycosylphosphatidylinositol (GPI)-anchored proteins [BR:eko00537]
     04091 Lectins
     01504 Antimicrobial resistance genes [BR:eko01504]
     03200 Viral proteins [BR:eko03200]
   09184 RNA family
 09190 Not Included in Pathway or Brite

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