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 Synechocystis sp. PCC6803
 Bacillus subtilis
   Yoshida et al. (2001), Bacillus subtilis glucose repression [PMID:11160890]
   Ogura et al. (2001), Bacillus subtilis DegU, ComA and PhoP regulons [PMID:11557812]
   Ogura et al. (2002), Bacillus subtilis ComK regulon [PMID:11948146]
   Kobayashi et al. (2001), Bacillus subtilis two-component systems [PMID:11717295]
   Molle et al. (2003), B.subtilis CodY regulon, codY mutant/wild type [PMID:12618455]
   Asai et al. (2003), B.subtilis, overexpression of the seven sigma factors of extracytoplasmic function family [PMID:12644242]
   Yoshida et al. (2003), B.subtilis genome-wide screening for TnrA-regulated genes associated with a TnrA box [PMID:12823818]
   Watanabe et al. (2003), Genes required for mannitol and glucitol assimilation in B.subtilis [PMID:12897001]
   Doan et al. (2003), A transcriptome comparison of a wild-type B.subtilis strain growing under glucolytic or gluconeogenesis conditions [PMID:12949160]
   Tojo et al. (2003), Bacillus subtilis sigY operon [PMID:14769884]
   Serizawa et al. (2004), SigD-regulated genes in Bacillus subtilis [PMID:15033535]
   Bunai et al. (2004), ABC transporter solute-binding proteins of Bacillus subtilis membrane [PMID:14730579]
   Yoshida et al. (2004), B.subtilis LmrA regulon, lmrA inactivation [PMID:15317768]
   Hayashi et al. (2005), B.subtilis PerR regulon, perR inactivation [PMID:16166527]
   Hayashi et al. (2005), B.subtilis YvaN regulon, yvaN inactivation [PMID:16553878]
   Ogura et al. (2006), B.subtilis rapD, a direct target of transcription repression by RghR, negatively regulates srfA expression [PMID:17227471]
   Serizawa et al. (2005), B.subtilis functional analysis of the YvrGHb two-component system [PMID:16306698]
   Kobayashi et al. (2007), B.subtilis DegU regulon, degU inactivation [PMID:17850253]
   Tamura et al. (2007), B.subtilis grown with DL-Penicillamine
   Inaoka et al. (2008), B.subtilis glcP mutant [PMID:19087206]
   Hirooka et al. (2009), Regulation of the Bacillus subtilis divergent yetL and yetM genes by a transcriptional repressor, YetL, in response to flavonoids [PMID:19329649]
   Tojo et al. (2009), Heavy involvement of stringent control depending on the adenine or guanine species of the transcription initiation site in glucose and pyruvate metabolism in Bacillus subtilis [PMID:20081037]
 Escherichia coli K-12 W3110
 Anabaena sp. PCC7120
 Corynebacterium glutamicum R
 Homo sapiens (carbohydrate related genes)

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Last updated: June 21, 2016