DNA Repair and Recombination Proteins

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 Eukaryotic Type
   SSBR (single strand breaks repair)
   DSBR (double strand breaks repair)
     HR (homologous recombination)
     NHEJ (non-homologous end-joining)
       DNA-PK complex
       MRX complex
       DNA Ligase 4 complex
         K10777  LIG4, DNL4; DNA ligase 4 [EC:]
         K10886  XRCC4; DNA-repair protein XRCC4
         K10980  NHEJ1, XLF; non-homologous end-joining factor 1
         K10982  LIF1; ligase-interacting factor 1
         K10983  NEJ1, LIF2; non-homologous end-joining protein 1
       X-family DNA polymerases
       Other NHEJ factors
     FA (Fanconi anemia) pathway
     Other DSBR factors
   TLS (translesion DNA synthesis) factors
   Check point factors
   Other factors with a suspected DNA repair function
 Prokaryotic Type

Last updated: May 23, 2018