Chromosome and Associated Proteins - Mus musculus (mouse)

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 Eukaryotic type
   Sister chromatid cohesion proteins
   Meiosis-specific sister chromatid cohesion proteins
   Nucleosome assembly factors
   Histone modification proteins
   Chromosome condensation proteins
   Centromeric chromatin formation proteins
   Heterochromatin formation proteins
   Gene silencing
   Centrosome formation and ciliogenesis proteins
   Sister chromatid separation proteins
   Chromatin remodeling factors
     BAF complex
     PBAF complex
     CHRAC complex
     RSF complex
     WICH complex
     B-WICH complex
     NuRD complex
     NuRF complex
     NuRF complex (fruit fly)
     SRCAP complex
     INO80 complex
       68142 Ino80; INO80 complex subunit
       70020 Ino80b; INO80 complex subunit B
       225280 Ino80c; INO80 complex subunit C
       227195 Ino80d; INO80 complex subunit D
       233875 Ino80e; INO80 complex subunit E
       69714 Tfpt; TCF3 (E2A) fusion partner
       235134 Nfrkb; nuclear factor related to kappa B binding protein
       56505 Ruvbl1; RuvB-like protein 1
       20174 Ruvbl2; RuvB-like protein 2
       56456 Actl6a; actin-like 6A
       109275 Actr5; ARP5 actin-related protein 5
       56249 Actr8; ARP8 actin-related protein 8
       51812 Mcrs1; microspherule protein 1
K11665 INO80; DNA helicase INO80 [EC:] 
K11666 INO80B; INO80 complex subunit B 
K11667 INO80C; INO80 complex subunit C 
K11668 INO80D; INO80 complex subunit D 
K11669 INO80E; INO80 complex subunit E 
K11670 TEPT; TCF3 fusion partner 
K11671 NFRKB; nuclear factor related to kappa-B-binding protein 
K04499 RUVBL1; RuvB-like protein 1 (pontin 52) 
K11338 RUVBL2; RuvB-like protein 2 [EC:] 
K11340 ACTL6A; actin-like protein 6A 
K11672 ACTR5; actin-related protein 5 
K11673 ACTR8; actin-related protein 8 
K11674 MCRS1; microspherule protein 1 
     INO80 complex (yeast)
     RSC complex
     SWI/SNF complex
     SWR1 complex
     Other chromatin remodeling factors
 Prokaryotic type

Last updated: September 24, 2020