KEGG Orthology (KO) - Pseudoalteromonas sp. Bsw20308

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 09100 Metabolism
 09120 Genetic Information Processing
 09130 Environmental Information Processing
 09140 Cellular Processes
 09150 Organismal Systems
 09160 Human Diseases
 09180 Brite Hierarchies
   09181 Protein families: metabolism
   09182 Protein families: genetic information processing
     03000 Transcription factors [BR:pbw03000]
     03021 Transcription machinery [BR:pbw03021]
     03019 Messenger RNA biogenesis [BR:pbw03019]
     03041 Spliceosome
     03011 Ribosome [BR:pbw03011]
     03009 Ribosome biogenesis [BR:pbw03009]
       D172_013735 rnc; ribonuclease III
       D172_005205 kinase
       D172_003170 oligoribonuclease
       D172_013730 GTPase Era
       D172_002420 obgE; GTPase Obg
       D172_014410 dksA; RNA polymerase-binding transcription factor
       D172_012420 nusA; transcription elongation factor NusA
       D172_014330 nusB; N utilization substance protein B
       D172_001595 nusG; transcription antiterminator NusG
       D172_000710 23S rRNA pseudouridine synthase F
       D172_015125 16S rRNA pseudouridine(516) synthase
       D172_002555 rRNA methyltransferase
       D172_000075 16S rRNA methyltransferase
       D172_003660 16S rRNA methyltransferase
       D172_002185 16S rRNA (guanine(966)-N(2))-methyltransferase RsmD
       D172_002735 16S rRNA methyltransferase
       D172_007090 yebU; RNA methyltransferase RsmF
       D172_000215 gidB; 16S rRNA (guanine(527)-N(7))-methyltransferase RsmG
       D172_014980 ribosomal RNA small subunit methyltransferase H
       D172_003560 tetrapyrrole methylase
       D172_015550 16S rRNA methyltransferase
       D172_009930 SAM-dependent methyltransferase
       D172_003760 23S rRNA methyltransferase
       D172_013045 rrmJ; 23S rRNA methyltransferase
       D172_018725 23S rRNA methyltransferase
       D172_004885 23S rRNA methyltransferase
       D172_012165 50S rRNA methyltransferase
       D172_011260 23S rRNA methyltransferase
       D172_011455 23S rRNA methyltransferase
       D172_001890 rRNA methyltransferase
       D172_008255 rlmL; 23S rRNA methyltransferase
       D172_011880 23S rRNA methyltransferase
       D172_021040 23S rRNA (adenine(2503)-C2)-methyltransferase
       D172_013710 SAM-dependent methyltransferase
       D172_008305 RNA pseudouridine synthase
       D172_002595 RNA pseudouridine synthase
       D172_011030 RNA pseudouridine synthase
       D172_018255 RNA pseudouridine synthase
       D172_009900 ribosomal large subunit pseudouridine synthase B
       D172_007005 23S rRNA pseudouridylate synthase
       D172_005535 rluD; 23S rRNA pseudouridylate synthase
       D172_008125 pseudouridine synthase
       D172_019530 23S rRNA pseudouridine synthase F
       D172_004450 ribosomal-protein-alanine acetyltransferase
       D172_008680 alanine acetyltransferase
       D172_011595 GNAT family acetyltransferase
       D172_002830 ribosomal protein S6 modification protein
       D172_005585 rimM; 16S rRNA-processing protein RimM
       D172_000665 ribosomal protein S12 methylthiotransferase
       D172_002160 prmA; ribosomal protein L11 methyltransferase
       D172_005840 protein-(glutamine-N5) methyltransferase
       D172_008095 50S ribosomal protein L16 arginine hydroxylase
       D172_007000 ribonuclease
       D172_015730 ribonuclease G
       D172_005900 RNA helicase
       D172_000850 ATP-dependent RNA helicase
       D172_002950 RNA helicase
       D172_003165 GTPase RsgA
       D172_021005 ribosome-associated GTPase EngA
       D172_017030 ribosome biogenesis GTPase YlqF
       D172_001735 GTPase HflX
       D172_009600 GTP-binding protein HflX
       D172_000040 tRNA(ANN) t(6)A37 threonylcarbamoyladenosine modification protein
       D172_012410 ribosome-binding factor A
       D172_012425 ribosome maturation protein RimP
       D172_001125 ribosome-associated protein
       D172_012160 ribosome silencing factor
       D172_012045 rRNA maturation RNase YbeY
       D172_013050 RNA-binding protein
       D172_016010 hypothetical protein
       D172_008850 ribosome modulation factor
       D172_003410 hypothetical protein
       D172_011965 ychF; GTP-binding protein
K03685 rnc; ribonuclease III [EC:]
K07178 RIOK1; RIO kinase 1 [EC:]
K13288 orn; oligoribonuclease [EC:3.1.-.-]
K03595 era; GTPase
K03979 obgE; GTPase [EC:3.6.5.-]
K06204 dksA; DnaK suppressor protein
K02600 nusA; transcription termination/antitermination protein NusA
K03625 nusB; transcription antitermination protein NusB
K02601 nusG; transcription termination/antitermination protein NusG
K06183 rsuA; 16S rRNA pseudouridine516 synthase [EC:]
K06183 rsuA; 16S rRNA pseudouridine516 synthase [EC:]
K02528 ksgA; 16S rRNA (adenine1518-N6/adenine1519-N6)-dimethyltransferase [EC:]
K03500 rsmB; 16S rRNA (cytosine967-C5)-methyltransferase [EC:]
K00564 rsmC; 16S rRNA (guanine1207-N2)-methyltransferase [EC:]
K08316 rsmD; 16S rRNA (guanine966-N2)-methyltransferase [EC:]
K09761 rsmE; 16S rRNA (uracil1498-N3)-methyltransferase [EC:]
K11392 rsmF; 16S rRNA (cytosine1407-C5)-methyltransferase [EC:]
K03501 gidB; 16S rRNA (guanine527-N7)-methyltransferase [EC:]
K03438 mraW; 16S rRNA (cytosine1402-N4)-methyltransferase [EC:]
K07056 rsmI; 16S rRNA (cytidine1402-2'-O)-methyltransferase [EC:]
K15984 rsmJ; 16S rRNA (guanine1516-N2)-methyltransferase [EC:]
K00563 rlmA1; 23S rRNA (guanine745-N1)-methyltransferase [EC:]
K03218 rlmB; 23S rRNA (guanosine2251-2'-O)-methyltransferase [EC:]
K02427 rlmE; 23S rRNA (uridine2552-2'-O)-methyltransferase [EC:]
K06970 rlmF; 23S rRNA (adenine1618-N6)-methyltransferase [EC:]
K11391 rlmG; 23S rRNA (guanine1835-N2)-methyltransferase [EC:]
K00783 rlmH; 23S rRNA (pseudouridine1915-N3)-methyltransferase [EC:]
K06969 rlmI; 23S rRNA (cytosine1962-C5)-methyltransferase [EC:]
K06969 rlmI; 23S rRNA (cytosine1962-C5)-methyltransferase [EC:]
K07115 rlmJ; 23S rRNA (adenine2030-N6)-methyltransferase [EC:]
K12297 rlmL; 23S rRNA (guanine2445-N2)-methyltransferase / 23S rRNA (guanine2069-N7)-methyltransferase [EC:]
K06968 rlmM; 23S rRNA (cytidine2498-2'-O)-methyltransferase [EC:]
K06941 rlmN; 23S rRNA (adenine2503-C2)-methyltransferase [EC:]
K03215 rumA; 23S rRNA (uracil1939-C5)-methyltransferase [EC:]
K06177 rluA; tRNA pseudouridine32 synthase / 23S rRNA pseudouridine746 synthase [EC:]
K06177 rluA; tRNA pseudouridine32 synthase / 23S rRNA pseudouridine746 synthase [EC:]
K06177 rluA; tRNA pseudouridine32 synthase / 23S rRNA pseudouridine746 synthase [EC:]
K06177 rluA; tRNA pseudouridine32 synthase / 23S rRNA pseudouridine746 synthase [EC:]
K06178 rluB; 23S rRNA pseudouridine2605 synthase [EC:]
K06179 rluC; 23S rRNA pseudouridine955/2504/2580 synthase [EC:]
K06180 rluD; 23S rRNA pseudouridine1911/1915/1917 synthase [EC:]
K06181 rluE; 23S rRNA pseudouridine2457 synthase [EC:]
K06182 rluF; 23S rRNA pseudouridine2604 synthase [EC:]
K03789 rimI; [ribosomal protein S18]-alanine N-acetyltransferase [EC:]
K03790 rimJ; [ribosomal protein S5]-alanine N-acetyltransferase [EC:]
K03790 rimJ; [ribosomal protein S5]-alanine N-acetyltransferase [EC:]
K05844 rimK; ribosomal protein S6--L-glutamate ligase [EC:6.3.2.-]
K02860 rimM; 16S rRNA processing protein RimM
K09136 ycaO; ribosomal protein S12 methylthiotransferase accessory factor
K02687 prmA; ribosomal protein L11 methyltransferase [EC:2.1.1.-]
K07320 prmB; ribosomal protein L3 glutamine methyltransferase [EC:]
K18850 ycfD; 50S ribosomal protein L16 3-hydroxylase [EC:]
K08300 rne; ribonuclease E [EC:]
K08301 rng; ribonuclease G [EC:3.1.26.-]
K05592 deaD; ATP-dependent RNA helicase DeaD [EC:]
K05591 dbpA; ATP-dependent RNA helicase DbpA [EC:]
K05590 srmB; ATP-dependent RNA helicase SrmB [EC:]
K06949 rsgA; ribosome biogenesis GTPase / thiamine phosphate phosphatase [EC:3.6.1.-]
K03977 engA; GTPase
K14540 rbgA; ribosome biogenesis GTPase A
K03665 hflX; GTPase
K03665 hflX; GTPase
K07566 tsaC; L-threonylcarbamoyladenylate synthase [EC:]
K02834 rbfA; ribosome-binding factor A
K09748 rimP; ribosome maturation factor RimP
K14761 ybcJ; ribosome-associated protein
K09710 ybeB; ribosome-associated protein
K07042 ybeY; probable rRNA maturation factor
K07574 yhbY; RNA-binding protein
K09889 yjgA; ribosome-associated protein
K03812 rmf; ribosome modulation factor
K05808 yhbH; putative sigma-54 modulation protein
K06942 ychF; ribosome-binding ATPase
     03016 Transfer RNA biogenesis [BR:pbw03016]
     03012 Translation factors [BR:pbw03012]
     03110 Chaperones and folding catalysts [BR:pbw03110]
     04131 Membrane trafficking [BR:pbw04131]
     04121 Ubiquitin system [BR:pbw04121]
     03051 Proteasome [BR:pbw03051]
     03032 DNA replication proteins [BR:pbw03032]
     03036 Chromosome and associated proteins [BR:pbw03036]
     03400 DNA repair and recombination proteins [BR:pbw03400]
     03029 Mitochondrial biogenesis [BR:pbw03029]
   09183 Protein families: signaling and cellular processes
   09184 RNA family
 09190 Not Included in Pathway or Brite

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