Transporters - Pseudomonas putida KT2440

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 ABC transporters, eukaryotic type
 ABC transporters, prokaryotic type
   Mineral and organic ion transporters
   Saccharide, polyol, and lipid transporters
   Phosphate and amino acid transporters
     Phosphate transporter
     Phosphonate transporter
     Lysine/arginine/ornithine transporter
     Histidine transporter
     Glutamine transporter
     Arginine transporter
     Glutamate/aspartate transporter
       PP_1071 gltI; glutamate/aspartate ABC transporter substrate-binding protein
       PP_1069 gltK; glutamate/aspartate ABC transporter permease
       PP_1070 gltJ; glutamate/aspartate ABC transporter permease
       PP_1068 gltL; glutamate/aspartate ABC transporter ATP binding protein
K10001 gltI; glutamate/aspartate transport system substrate-binding protein 
K10002 gltK; glutamate/aspartate transport system permease protein 
K10003 gltJ; glutamate/aspartate transport system permease protein 
K10004 gltL; glutamate/aspartate transport system ATP-binding protein [EC:] 
     Aspartate/glutamate/glutamine transporter
     Octopine/nopaline transporter
     General L-amino acid transporter
     Glutamate transporter
     Cystine transporter
     L-Cystine transporter
     Arginine/ornithine transporter
     Arginine/lysine/histidine/glutamine transporter
     Arginine/lysine/histidine transporter
     Hydroxyproline transporter
     Branched-chain amino acid transporter
     Neutral amino acid transporter
     D-Methionine transporter
     Urea transporter
     Putative tryptophan/tyrosine transporter
     Putative lysine transporter
     Putative lysine/arginine/ornithine/histidine/octopine transporter
     Putative S-methylcysteine transporter
     Putative polar amino acid transporter
   Peptide and nickel transporters
   Metallic cation, iron-siderophore and vitamin B12 transporters
   ABC-2 type and other transporters
 Solute carrier family (SLC)
 Major facilitator superfamily (MFS)
 Phosphotransferase system (PTS)
 Other transporters

Last updated: February 25, 2021
ABC classifications based on Igarashi et al. (2004) and Tomii & Kanehisa (1998)
MFS classification taken from TCDB