Peptidases and Inhibitors - Rattus norvegicus (rat)

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 Aspartic peptidases
 Cysteine peptidases
 Glutamic peptidases
 Metallo peptidases
 Mixed peptidases
 Serine peptidases
 Threonine peptidases
 Peptidases of unknown catalytic type
 Peptidase inhibitors
   Family I1: Kazal family
   Family I2: Kunitz - BPTI family
   Family I4: serpin family
   Family I11: ecotin family
   Family I17: WAP-type family
   Family I25: cystatin family
     288067 Csta; cystatin-A
     25308 Cstb; cystatin-B
     25307 Cst3; cystatin-C precursor
     171096 Cst6; cystatin-M precursor
     296257 Cst7; cystatin-F precursor
     29679 Cst8; cystatin-8 precursor
     362231 Cst9l; cystatin 9-like precursor
     245916 Cst11; cystatin-11 precursor
     24903 Kng2; T-kininogen 1 precursor
     25087 Kng2l1; kininogen-1 isoform 1 precursor
     288001 Kng1; T-kininogen 2 precursor
     25373 Ahsg; alpha-2-HS-glycoprotein precursor
     681544 similar to histidine-rich glycoprotein precursor
     171016 Hrg; histidine-rich glycoprotein precursor
     83928 Fetub; fetuin-B precursor
K13907 CSTA_B; cystatin-A/B 
K13907 CSTA_B; cystatin-A/B 
K13899 CST3; cystatin-C 
K13902 CST6; cystatin-M 
K13903 CST7; cystatin-F 
K13904 CST8; cystatin-8 
K13905 CST9; cystatin-9 
K13906 CST11; cystatin-11 
K03898 KNG; kininogen 
K03898 KNG; kininogen 
K03898 KNG; kininogen 
K23409 AHSG; alpha-2-HS-glycoprotein 
K23410 HRG; histidine-rich glycoprotein 
K23410 HRG; histidine-rich glycoprotein 
K23411 FETUB; fetuin-B 
   Family I27: calpastatin family
   Family I32: IAP family
   Family I34: IA3 family
   Family I35: timp family
   Family I39: alpha2M family
   Family I47: latexin family
   Family I49: proSAAS family
   Family I51: IC family
   Family I57: staphostatin B family
   Family I63
   Family I80
   Family I87
   Family I93

Last updated: January 14, 2021
Classification taken and modified from MEROPS