Two-Component System - Shewanella oneidensis

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 OmpR family
   PhoR-PhoB (phosphate starvation response)
   SenX3-RegX3 (phosphate starvation response)
   PhoQ-PhoP (magnesium transport)
   EnvZ-OmpR (osmotic stress response)
   CpxA-CpxR (envelope stress response)
   CssS-CssR (secretion stress response)
   CreC-CreB (phosphate regulation)
   BaeS-BaeR (envelope stress response)
   BasS-BasR (antimicrobial peptide resistance)
   CusS-CusR (copper tolerance)
   QseC-QseB (quorum sensing)
   KdpD-KdpE (potassium transport)
   TorS-TorR (TMAO respiration)
   ArcB-ArcA (anoxic redox control)
     SO_3988 arcA; two component signal transduction system controlling aerobic respiration response regulator ArcA
K07773 arcA; two-component system, OmpR family, aerobic respiration control protein ArcA 
   TctE-TctD (tricarboxylic acid transport)
   ResE-ResD (aerobic and anaerobic respiration)
   VicK-VicR (cell wall metabolism)
   MprB-MprA (maintenance of persistent infection)
   MtrB-MtrA (osmotic stress response)
   PrrB-PrrA (intracellular multiplication)
   NrsS-NrsR (nickel tolerance)
   ManS-ManR (manganese homeostasis)
   NblS-NblR (photosynthesis)
   SasA-RpaAB (circadian timing mediating)
   SaeS-SaeR (staphylococcal virulence regulation)
   BceS-BceR (bacitracin transport)
   BraS-BraR (bacitracin transport)
   GraS-GraR (cationic antimicrobial peptide transport)
   YxdK-YxdJ (antimicrobial peptide response)
   ChvG-ChvI (acidity sensing)
   ParS-ParR (polymyxin-adaptive resistance)
   VanS-VanR (VanB type vancomycin resistance)
   VanS-VanR (VanE type vancomycin resistance)
   VanS-VanR (actinomycete type vancomycin resistance)
   ArlS-ArlR (virulence regulation)
   Ihk-Irr (virulence regulation)
   PfeS-PfeR (enterobactin-dependent iron acquisition)
   NisK-NisR (lantibiotic biosynthesis)
 NarL family
 Spo family
 CitB family
 LytTR family
 NtrC family
 CheA family
 Cell cycle family
 Lux family
 LuxR family
 Other families

Last updated: March 4, 2020