KEGG Orthology (KO) - Streptococcus pneumoniae A026

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   Carbohydrate metabolism
   Energy metabolism
   Lipid metabolism
     00061 Fatty acid biosynthesis [PATH:spnn00061]
     00062 Fatty acid elongation
     00071 Fatty acid degradation
     00072 Synthesis and degradation of ketone bodies
     00073 Cutin, suberine and wax biosynthesis
     00100 Steroid biosynthesis
     00120 Primary bile acid biosynthesis
     00121 Secondary bile acid biosynthesis
     00140 Steroid hormone biosynthesis
     00561 Glycerolipid metabolism [PATH:spnn00561]
     00564 Glycerophospholipid metabolism [PATH:spnn00564]
     00565 Ether lipid metabolism
     00600 Sphingolipid metabolism [PATH:spnn00600]
       T308_03055 beta-galactosidase
       T308_07695 sialidase
       T308_07725 sialidase
       T308_08640 alpha-galactosidase
K01190 lacZ; beta-galactosidase [EC:]
K01186 NEU1; sialidase-1 [EC:]
K01186 NEU1; sialidase-1 [EC:]
K07407 E3.2.1.22B; alpha-galactosidase [EC:]
     00590 Arachidonic acid metabolism [PATH:spnn00590]
     00591 Linoleic acid metabolism
     00592 alpha-Linolenic acid metabolism
     01040 Biosynthesis of unsaturated fatty acids [PATH:spnn01040]
     01004 Lipid biosynthesis proteins [BR:spnn01004]
   Nucleotide metabolism
   Amino acid metabolism
   Metabolism of other amino acids
   Glycan biosynthesis and metabolism
     01003 Glycosyltransferases [BR:spnn01003]
     00510 N-Glycan biosynthesis
     00513 Various types of N-glycan biosynthesis
     00512 Mucin type O-glycan biosynthesis
     00515 Mannose type O-glycan biosyntheis
     00514 Other types of O-glycan biosynthesis
     00532 Glycosaminoglycan biosynthesis - chondroitin sulfate / dermatan sulfate
     00534 Glycosaminoglycan biosynthesis - heparan sulfate / heparin
     00533 Glycosaminoglycan biosynthesis - keratan sulfate
     00535 Proteoglycans
     00536 Glycosaminoglycan binding proteins
     00537 Glycosylphosphatidylinositol (GPI)-anchored proteins
     00531 Glycosaminoglycan degradation
     00563 Glycosylphosphatidylinositol(GPI)-anchor biosynthesis
     00601 Glycosphingolipid biosynthesis - lacto and neolacto series
     00603 Glycosphingolipid biosynthesis - globo and isoglobo series
     00604 Glycosphingolipid biosynthesis - ganglio series
     00540 Lipopolysaccharide biosynthesis
     01005 Lipopolysaccharide biosynthesis proteins [BR:spnn01005]
     00550 Peptidoglycan biosynthesis [PATH:spnn00550]
     01011 Peptidoglycan biosynthesis and degradation proteins [BR:spnn01011]
     00511 Other glycan degradation [PATH:spnn00511]
       T308_07695 sialidase
       T308_07725 sialidase
       T308_03055 beta-galactosidase
       T308_00220 beta-N-acetylhexosaminidase
       T308_10270 alpha-mannosidase
       T308_05795 endo-beta-N-acetylglucosaminidase
       T308_10285 alpha-L-fucosidase
       T308_07535 fibronectin
K01186 NEU1; sialidase-1 [EC:]
K01186 NEU1; sialidase-1 [EC:]
K01190 lacZ; beta-galactosidase [EC:]
K12373 HEXA_B; hexosaminidase [EC:]
K01191 MAN2C1; alpha-mannosidase [EC:]
K01227 E3.2.1.96; mannosyl-glycoprotein endo-beta-N-acetylglucosaminidase [EC:]
K01206 FUCA; alpha-L-fucosidase [EC:]
K15923 AXY8; alpha-L-fucosidase 2 [EC:]
   Metabolism of cofactors and vitamins
   Metabolism of terpenoids and polyketides
   Biosynthesis of other secondary metabolites
   Xenobiotics biodegradation and metabolism
   Enzyme families
 Genetic Information Processing
 Environmental Information Processing
 Cellular Processes
 Organismal Systems
 Human Diseases

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