Bacterial Toxins - Xanthomonas albilineans

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 Type III toxins: Intracellular toxins
 Type II toxins: Membrane damaging toxins
   Pore-forming toxins, Beta-pore-forming/Cholesterol-dependent
   Pore-forming toxins, RTX
   Pore-forming toxins, Other
   Toxins that enzymatically damage the membrane
     XALC_0658 putative phospholipase c precursor protein
     XALC_2438 putative phospholipase c precursor protein
K01114 plc; phospholipase C [EC:] 
K01114 plc; phospholipase C [EC:] 
 Type I toxins: Toxins that act from the cell surface
 Toxins that damage the extracellular matrix
 Not specified

Last updated: July 23, 2019