KEGG   Acinetobacter baumannii ACICU

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KEGG Modules

Pathway module Structural complex
    Energy metabolism Genetic information processing
      DNA polymerase Replication system
      Repair system
      RNA polymerase
        M00183 RNA polymerase, bacteria [BR:ko03021 ko03400] [PATH:abc03020]
      RNA processing Ribosome Proteasome
      Ubiquitin system
      Protein processing
    Environmental information processing
      Mineral and organic ion transport system Saccharide, polyol, and lipid transport system Phosphate and amino acid transport system
        M00222 Phosphate transport system [BR:ko02000] [PATH:abc02010]
        M00226 Histidine transport system [BR:ko02000] [PATH:abc02010]
        M00230 Glutamate/aspartate transport system [BR:ko02000] [PATH:abc02010]
        M00238 D-Methionine transport system [BR:ko02000] [PATH:abc02010]
        M00236 Putative polar amino acid transport system [BR:ko02000]
      Peptide and nickel transport system Metallic cation, iron-siderophore and vitamin B12 transport system ABC-2 type and other transport systems
        M00320 Lipopolysaccharide export system [BR:ko02000] [PATH:abc02010]
        M00255 Lipoprotein-releasing system [BR:ko02000] [PATH:abc02010]
        M00258 Putative ABC transport system [BR:ko02000]
        M00254 ABC-2 type transport system [BR:ko02000]
      Drug efflux transporter/pump
      Phosphotransferase system (PTS) Bacterial secretion system
        M00330 Adhesin protein transport system [BR:ko02044]
        M00335 Sec (secretion) system [BR:ko02044] [PATH:abc03070]
        M00336 Twin-arginine translocation (Tat) system [BR:ko02044] [PATH:abc03070]
Functional set
      Aminoacyl tRNA Nucleotide sugar
    Environmental information processing
      Two-component regulatory system
        M00434 PhoR-PhoB (phosphate starvation response) two-component regulatory system [BR:ko02022] [PATH:abc02020]
        M00445 EnvZ-OmpR (osmotic stress response) two-component regulatory system [BR:ko02022] [PATH:abc02020]
        M00446 RstB-RstA two-component regulatory system [BR:ko02022] [PATH:abc02020]
        M00450 BaeS-BaeR (envelope stress response) two-component regulatory system [BR:ko02022] [PATH:abc02020]
        M00453 QseC-QseB (quorum sensing) two-component regulatory system [BR:ko02022] [PATH:abc02020]
        M00454 KdpD-KdpE (potassium transport) two-component regulatory system [BR:ko02022] [PATH:abc02020]
        M00493 AlgZ-AlgR (alginate production) two-component regulatory system [BR:ko02022] [PATH:abc02020]
        M00497 GlnL-GlnG (nitrogen regulation) two-component regulatory system [BR:ko02022] [PATH:abc02020]
        M00501 PilS-PilR (type 4 fimbriae synthesis) two-component regulatory system [BR:ko02022] [PATH:abc02020]
        M00655 AdeS-AdeR two-component regulatory system [BR:ko02022] [PATH:abc01501]
      Drug efflux transporter/pump
      Drug resistance
        M00743 Aminoglycoside resistance, protease HtpX
    Cell signaling
Signature module
    Gene set
      Drug resistance
        M00851 Carbapenem resistance [PATH:abc01501]
        M00642 Multidrug resistance, efflux pump MexJK-OprM
        M00649 Multidrug resistance, efflux pump AdeABC [PATH:abc01501]
        M00698 Multidrug resistance, efflux pump BpeEF-OprC
      Plant pathogenicity
    Module set
      Metabolic capacity