KEGG   Ralstonia solanacearum GMI1000

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KEGG Modules

Pathway module Structural complex
    Energy metabolism Genetic information processing
      DNA polymerase Replication system
      Repair system
      RNA polymerase
        M00183 RNA polymerase, bacteria [BR:ko03021 ko03400] [PATH:rso03020]
      RNA processing
      Ribosome Proteasome
      Ubiquitin system
      Protein processing
    Environmental information processing
      Mineral and organic ion transport system
        M00185 Sulfate transport system [BR:ko02000] [PATH:rso02010]
        M00189 Molybdate transport system [BR:ko02000] [PATH:rso02010]
        M00186 Tungstate transport system [BR:ko02000] [PATH:rso02010]
        M00438 Nitrate/nitrite transport system [BR:ko02000] [PATH:rso00910 rso02010]
        M00188 NitT/TauT family transport system [BR:ko02000]
        M00436 Sulfonate transport system [BR:ko02000] [PATH:rso02010]
        M00190 Iron(III) transport system [BR:ko02000] [PATH:rso02010]
        M00193 Putative spermidine/putrescine transport system [BR:ko02000]
        M00208 Glycine betaine/proline transport system [BR:ko02000] [PATH:rso02010]
      Saccharide, polyol, and lipid transport system
        M00213 L-Arabinose transport system [BR:ko02000] [PATH:rso02010]
        M00215 D-Xylose transport system [BR:ko02000] [PATH:rso02010]
        M00212 Ribose transport system [BR:ko02000] [PATH:rso02010]
        M00593 Inositol transport system [BR:ko02000] [PATH:rso02010]
        M00607 Glycerol transport system [BR:ko02000] [PATH:rso02010]
        M00198 Putative sn-glycerol-phosphate transport system [BR:ko02000] [PATH:rso02010]
        M00200 Putative sorbitol/mannitol transport system [BR:ko02000] [PATH:rso02010]
        M00669 gamma-Hexachlorocyclohexane transport system [BR:ko02000]
        M00210 Phospholipid transport system [BR:ko02000] [PATH:rso02010]
        M00221 Putative simple sugar transport system [BR:ko02000]
        M00211 Putative ABC transport system [BR:ko02000]
      Phosphate and amino acid transport system
        M00222 Phosphate transport system [BR:ko02000] [PATH:rso02010]
        M00230 Glutamate/aspartate transport system [BR:ko02000] [PATH:rso02010]
        M00237 Branched-chain amino acid transport system [BR:ko02000] [PATH:rso02010]
        M00323 Urea transport system [BR:ko02000] [PATH:rso02010]
        M00238 D-Methionine transport system [BR:ko02000] [PATH:rso02010]
        M00236 Putative polar amino acid transport system [BR:ko02000]
      Peptide and nickel transport system Metallic cation, iron-siderophore and vitamin B12 transport system
        M00240 Iron complex transport system [BR:ko02000] [PATH:rso02010]
        M00247 Putative ABC transport system [BR:ko02000]
      ABC-2 type and other transport systems
        M00320 Lipopolysaccharide export system [BR:ko02000] [PATH:rso02010]
        M00252 Lipooligosaccharide transport system [BR:ko02000] [PATH:rso02010]
        M00762 Copper-processing system [BR:ko02000] [PATH:rso02010]
        M00255 Lipoprotein-releasing system [BR:ko02000] [PATH:rso02010]
        M00258 Putative ABC transport system [BR:ko02000]
        M00254 ABC-2 type transport system [BR:ko02000]
      Drug efflux transporter/pump
      Phosphotransferase system (PTS) Bacterial secretion system
Functional set
      Aminoacyl tRNA Nucleotide sugar
    Environmental information processing
      Two-component regulatory system
        M00434 PhoR-PhoB (phosphate starvation response) two-component regulatory system [BR:ko02022] [PATH:rso02020]
        M00445 EnvZ-OmpR (osmotic stress response) two-component regulatory system [BR:ko02022] [PATH:rso02020]
        M00450 BaeS-BaeR (envelope stress response) two-component regulatory system [BR:ko02022] [PATH:rso02020]
        M00452 CusS-CusR (copper tolerance) two-component regulatory system [BR:ko02022] [PATH:rso02020]
        M00454 KdpD-KdpE (potassium transport) two-component regulatory system [BR:ko02022] [PATH:rso02020]
        M00457 TctE-TctD (tricarboxylic acid transport) two-component regulatory system [BR:ko02022] [PATH:rso02020]
        M00471 NarX-NarL (nitrate respiration) two-component regulatory system [BR:ko02022] [PATH:rso02020]
        M00497 GlnL-GlnG (nitrogen regulation) two-component regulatory system [BR:ko02022] [PATH:rso02020]
        M00501 PilS-PilR (type 4 fimbriae synthesis) two-component regulatory system [BR:ko02022] [PATH:rso02020]
        M00504 DctB-DctD (C4-dicarboxylate transport) two-component regulatory system [BR:ko02022] [PATH:rso02020]
        M00523 RegB-RegA (redox response) two-component regulatory system [BR:ko02022] [PATH:rso02020]
        M00655 AdeS-AdeR two-component regulatory system [BR:ko02022] [PATH:rso01501]
      Drug efflux transporter/pump
        M00647 Multidrug resistance, efflux pump AcrAB-TolC/SmeDEF
        M00648 Multidrug resistance, efflux pump MdtABC [PATH:rso02020]
      Drug resistance
        M00742 Aminoglycoside resistance, protease FtsH
        M00743 Aminoglycoside resistance, protease HtpX
    Cell signaling
Signature module
    Gene set
      Drug resistance
        M00649 Multidrug resistance, efflux pump AdeABC [PATH:rso01501]
        M00698 Multidrug resistance, efflux pump BpeEF-OprC
      Plant pathogenicity
    Module set
      Metabolic capacity