KEGG  Chronic myeloid leukemia - Homo sapiens (human)

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  • nt06210 ERK signaling (cancer)
    • N00002 BCR-ABL fusion kinase to RAS-ERK signaling pathway
  • nt06214 PI3K signaling (cancer)
    • N00048 BCR-ABL fusion kinase to PI3K signaling pathway
  • nt06218 TGFB signaling (cancer)
    • N00106 AML1-EVI1 fusion to TGF-beta signaling pathway
    • N00107 EVI-1 overexpression to TGF-beta signaling pathway
  • nt06219 JAK-STAT signaling (cancer)
    • N00055 BCR-ABL fusion kinase to Jak-STAT signaling pathway
  • nt06230 Cell cycle (cancer)
    • N00067 Deleted p14(ARF) to p21-cell cycle G1/S
    • N00070 Mutation-inactivated p16(INK4a) to p16-cell cycle G1/S
    • N00074 Loss of RB1 to cell cycle G1/S
  • nt06240 Transcription (cancer)
    • N00115 Mutation-inactivated TP53 to transcription