International Symposium  From Genomics to Chemical Genomics: 10th Anniversary of KEGG
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KEGG Anniversary Symposium

The KEGG database project was initiated in 1995, the last year of the first five-year phase of the Japanese Human Genome Program, and then continued in the second five-year phase, with supports of grants-in-aid for scientific research on priority areas from the Ministry of Education of Japan. In 2000 KEGG became part of the Millenium Project and received a five-year grant of the Research for the Future Program from the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science. Currently, KEGG is supported primarily by the Institute for Bioinformatics Research and Development of the Japan Science and Technology Agency. The first public release of KEGG was made in December 1995, and we wish to celebrate the 10th anniversary and to exchange ideas for future developments.

Organized by Kyoto University 21st Century COE Program "Genome Science"