KEGG MODULE Database Entry

Entry The KEGG MODULE database is a manually curated collection of modular functional units, categorized into pathway modules, signature modules and reaction modules. A pathway module or a signature module is identified by the unique identifier called the M number ('M' followed by five-digit number) and contains a list of KEGG ORTHOLOGY (KO) identifiers representing the unit. A reaction module is identified by the RM number ('RM' followed by three-digit group number plus two-digit number).
Name Module name.
Definition The definition of the module as a list of K numbers for pathway/signature modules and RC numbers for reaction modules. Comma separated K numbers or RC numbers indicate alternatives. Plus signs are used to represent a complex or a combination and a minus sign denotes a non-essential component in the complex.
Diagram The thumbnail of the corresponding MODULE diagram.
Orthology The list of KEGG ORTHOLOGY identifiers (K numbers).
Class Classification of modules.
Group (Reaction module only) Group of different RC number definitions that constitute a reaction module.
Module (Reaction module only) Corresponding pathway modules.
Pathway The corresonding KEGG pathway map.
Brite The corresonding Brite functional hierarchy.
Reaction The list of reactions (R numbers) in the metabolic pathway module.
Compound The list of compounds (C numbers) in the metabolic pathway module.
Comment Free text comment.
Reference Reference information.
Other DBs Links to outside databases.
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