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KEGG objects are highly integrated by mutual links within KEGG, and are also linked to related entries in outside databases. The following table shows the links maintained by KEGG. There are additional links maintained by GenomeNet (see LinkDB), including those created by outside databases.

Database Internal links Outside links
ID conversion1 Other
pathway module ko <org> genome compound glycan reaction rclass enzyme network disease drug pubmed go umbbd
brite ko <org> genome compound glycan reaction disease drug go
module pathway ko <org> genome compound glycan reaction enzyme disease pubmed
ko pathway brite module genes <org> vg vp ag reaction rclass enzyme network disease drug pubmed cog go tc cazy
<org> pathway brite module ko genome enzyme (network disease drug)2 ncbi-geneid ncbi-proteinid uniprot pfam <original_dbs>3
vg ko genome enzyme ncbi-geneid ncbi-proteinid uniprot pfam taxonomy refseq
vp ko enzyme ncbi-proteinid genbank
ag ko genome enzyme pubmed ncbi-proteinid uniprot pfam taxonomy genbank
genome pathway brite module <org> vg ag compound disease pubmed taxonomy assembly genbank refseq
compound pathway brite module genome glycan reaction enzyme network disease drug pubchem chebi cas lipidmaps lipidbank knapsack pdb-ccd 3dmet nikkaji
glycan pathway brite module compound reaction enzyme pubchem chebi ccsd glytoucan jcggdb lipidbank glycoepitope
reaction pathway brite module ko compound glycan rclass enzyme rhea
rclass pathway ko reaction enzyme
enzyme pathway module ko <org> vg vp ag compound glycan reaction rclass explorenz iubmb expasy umbbd brenda cas
network pathway ko hsa compound variant disease pubmed
network drug pubmed clinvar dbsnp dbvar cosmic omim
disease pathway brite module ko hsa genome compound network drug pubmed icd-11 icd-10 mesh omim medlineplus
drug pathway brite ko hsa compound variant disease dgroup atc jtc ndc yj pubchem chebi cas pdb-ccd ligandbox nikkaji
dgroup drug

1 Outside links for ID conversion allow, for example, outside identifiers to be used in KEGG Mapper analysis. The Conv ID tool in KEGG Mapper may be used to convert GeneIDs, ProteinIDs or UniProt IDs to KEGG identifiers.
2 Parentheses for hsa (Homo sapiens) only.
3 <original_dbs> include: mirbase ensembl cyorf cyanobase nite rhizobase genedb pasteur flybase vega vectorbase ... (total of >70 dbs)

Last updated: July 25, 2022

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