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Drug Classification

As part of its BRITE database, KEGG provides various types of drug classification systems, including the ATC classification by WHO and the therapeutic category of drugs in Japan. Drug products in the USA can be viewed and retrieved under the ATC classification system shown below.
Drug products in USA
Drug products in Japan
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Drug Hierarchy

KEGG DRUG D number entries are classified according to the various classification systems in KEGG BRITE, and are also linked to all the drug products in Japan and the USA. Thus, there is a drug hierarchy such as the following:
      B01AA  Vitamin K antagonists
        B01AA01  Dicoumarol
        B01AA02  Phenindione
        B01AA03  Warfarin
          D08682  Warfarin
          D00564  Warfarin sodium (USP)
            d91934a0-902e-c26c-23ca-d5accc4151b6  Coumadin
              0056-0169  COUMADIN tablet 1 mg
              0056-0170  COUMADIN tablet 2 mg
              0056-0176  COUMADIN tablet 2.5 mg
              0056-0188  COUMADIN tablet 3 mg
              0056-0168  COUMADIN tablet 4 mg
              0056-0172  COUMADIN tablet 5 mg
              0056-0189  COUMADIN tablet 6 mg
              0056-0173  COUMADIN tablet 7.5 mg
              0056-0174  COUMADIN tablet 10 mg
          D01280  Warfarin potassium (JP16)
            (Japanese warfarin is under this category)
The top five levels represet the ATC classification, followed by the KEGG DRUG D number and the DailyMed setId for drug label information. The lowest level is the National Drug Code (NDC), a universal product identifier given by FDA. In the BRITE hierarchy file shown above (ATC classification + NDC) the DailyMed level is not shown; instead the NDC level is linked to the DailyMed database.

Last updated: January 18, 2013