KEGG API: ChangeLog

2007-08-17  KATAYAMA Toshiaki
	* KEGG API version 6.2 is released
	  New methods:
	  * get_references_by_pathway
	  * get_drung_by_pathway
	  * get_pathways_by_drug
	  Notice: due to the incompatible change on the server side program
	  which is used to calculate link information, path information
	  could not be returned as of the KEGG API v6.2.  We also plan to remove
	  path field from the LinkDBRelation data type in the next release (v7.0).

2006-12-27  KATAYAMA Toshiaki
	* KEGG API version 6.1 is released
	  New methods:
	  * search_drugs_by_name
	  * search_drugs_by_mass
	  * search_drugs_by_composition
	  * search_drugs_by_subcomp

2006-10-04  KATAYAMA Toshiaki
	* KEGG API version 6.0 is released
	  New methods:
	  * search_compounds_by_name
	  * search_glycans_by_name
	  * search_compounds_by_mass
	  * search_glycans_by_mass
	  * search_compounds_by_composition
	  * search_glycans_by_composition
	  * search_compounds_by_subcomp
	  * search_glycans_by_kcam
	  * get_linkdb_between_databases
	  Removed methods:
	  * get_oc_members_by_gene
	  * get_pc_members_by_gene

2005-02-17  KATAYAMA Toshiaki
	* KEGG API version 5.0 is released
	  In this release, the following methods are added to control which
	  box or circle on the pathway to be colored even though if there
	  are multiple boxes or circles with the same object name.
	  * get_elements_by_pathway
	  * get_element_relations_by_pathway
	  * color_pathway_by_elements
	  * get_html_of_colored_pathway_by_elements

2005-10-28  KATAYAMA Toshiaki
	* KEGG API version 4.1 is released.
	  * bconv method is added to exchange external ID (e.g. NCBI's GeneID)
	    to the KEGG ID.
	  * C# client is supported.
	  * keggapi.jar is updated for the axis-1.3

2005-06-01  KATAYAMA Toshiaki
	* KEGG API version 4.0 is released.
	  In this release, following methods including support for the LIGAND and
	  GLYCAN databases are added.
	  * get_ko_by_ko_class
	  * get_genes_by_ko_class
	  * get_genes_by_ko
	  * get_enzymes_by_glycan
	  * get_reactions_by_glycan
	  * get_glycans_by_pathway
	  * get_glycans_by_enzyme
	  * get_glycans_by_reaction
	  * get_pathways_by_glycans
	  * get_pathways_by_kos
	  * get_kos_by_pathway
	  * get_html_of_marked_pathway_by_objects
	  * get_html_of_colored_pathway_by_objects
	  * convert_mol_to_kcf
	  Following method is obsoleted.
	  * get_ko_members (use combination of get_ko_by_gene and get_genes_by_ko methods)

2005-02-20  KATAYAMA Toshiaki
	* Due to the server side circumstances, we have disabled following
	  * get_neighbors_by_gene
	  * get_similarity_between_genes
	* keggapi.jar is updated for the axis 1.2RC2

2004-11-26  KAWASHIMA Shuichi (text modified by Katayama - 2/20/2005)
	* KEGG API version 3.2 is released.
	  The bugs with the 'best_flag_1to2' and 'best_flag_2to1' fields 
	  in the SSDBRelation data type are fixed. The methods returning the
	  SSDBRelation (and ArrayOfSSDBRelation) data type had returned the
	  opposite values of the intended results with the both fields.
	  The following methods had been affected by this bug:
	  * get_neighbors_by_gene
	  * get_best_neighbors_by_gene
	  * get_reverse_best_neighbors_by_gene
	  * get_paralogs_by_gene
	  * get_similarity_between_genes

2004-11-01  KATAYAMA Toshiaki
	* KEGG API version 3.1 is released.
	  In this release, the retuened value for the empty result is unified to:
	  * an empty array -- for the methods returning ArrayOfOBJ
	  * an empty string -- for the methods returning String
	  * -1 -- for the methods returning int
	  * NULL -- for the methods returning other OBJ
	* keggapi.jar is updated for the axis-1.2RC.

2004-06-11  KATAYAMA Toshiaki
	* keggapi.jar for old KEGG API v2.3 is updated with axis-1.2beta
	  to reflect recent change of the CGI program name for SOAP service
	  (request.cgi -> request_v2.3.cgi).

2004-06-02  KATAYAMA Toshiaki
	* mis-named 'percent_identity' in SSDBRelation is changed to 'identity'
	  as it is not returning percentage.  Sorry for the incompatibility.

2004-05-31  KATAYAMA Toshiaki
	* KEGG API version 3.0 is released. 
	  * All the APIs and documents are revisited, so please read the
	    latest documents at and see
	    here for changes.

2004-05-17  KATAYAMA Toshiaki
	* domain name for KEGG API (v3.0) is changed from

2004-04-15  KATAYAMA Toshiaki
	* KEGG API version 3.0 beta release

2004-03-06  KATAYAMA Toshiaki
	* added instructions for the WSDL2Java in HOWTO documentation
	* started to provide pre-compiled keggapi.jar file for download and
	  put javadoc manuals on the web

2004-03-03  KATAYAMA Toshiaki
	* documents updated to the changes in KEGG API 2.3

2004-02-02  KATAYAMA Toshiaki
	* KEGG API version 2.3
	* bfind, btit, get_ko_by_gene, get_ko_members, get_oc_members_by_gene,
	  get_pc_members_by_gene methods are added
	* type of the returned value of get_num_genes_by_organism method
	  is changed to int from string.

2004-01-08  KATAYAMA Toshiaki
	* documentation errors are fixed

2004-01-07  KAWASHIMA Shuichi
	* documentations are updated

2004-01-06  KATAYAMA Toshiaki
	* sample codes rewrited

2004-01-05  KATAYAMA Toshiaki
	* documentations are updated

2003-12-02  KAWASHIMA Shuichi
	* KEGG API version 2.2
	* get_linkdb_by_entry method is added
	* specification of the get_common_motifs_by_genes method is changed
	* prefix of the KEGG/PATHWAY entry given to the following methods
          is fixed from map:xxxxx to path:xxxxx

2003-09-27  KAWASHIMA Shuichi
	* KEGG API version 2.1
	* get_linked_pathways method is added

2003-06-24  KAWASHIMA Shuichi
	* KEGG API version 2.0
	* methods for the KEGG/PATHWAY and KEGG/GENES databases are added

2003-04-10  KATAYAMA Toshiaki
	* KEGG API version 1.1
	* SSDB.wsdl and PATHWAY.wsdl are merged into KEGG.wsdl

2003-04-01  KATAYAMA Toshiaki
	* initial release, KEGG API version 1.0

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