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2099 595 2064 1956 3815
672 675 2322 4893 3845
5371 1019
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K08550 K04503 K05083 K04361
K05091 K10605 K08775 K05092
K07828 K07827 K10054 K02089

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Search Disease is a KEGG Mapper tool for searching disease genes in the KEGG DISEASE database and in the context of KEGG pathways and BRITE hierarchies. It accepts human gene identifiers, both KEGG GENES identifiers and outside identifiers including NCBI Gene IDs, NCBI Protein IDs and UniProt IDs, or KO identifiers (K numbers).

Prefix Type KEGG identifier
H Human disease entries hsa ID
K number

Last updated: January 1, 2018