This is a brief manual for searching LinkDB RDF.

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LinkDB RDF Access Point

LinkDB SPARQL endpoint
If you are familiar with the SPARQL language, use this. SPARQL Querie Examples below may be helpful. See also API section.

If you are not familiar with the SPARQL language, use this. In LinkDB STANZA, some typical queries are prepared and all you need is specifing some parameters.

SPARQL Query Examples

In the following examples, you can modify sparql query and execute it.
  1. Retrieve information on KEGG GENES entry T01001:5621

    Related STANZA:

  2. Retrieve link data of KEGG GENES entry T01001:5621

    Show results of above SPARQL query in LinkDB API form.

    Related STANZA:
    Link From An Entry
    Some abbreviated name and group of databases are defined by dblabel predicate.

    Search canonical name of KEGG GENES hsa

    Show all dblabels defined to KEGG GENES T01001

    Related STANZA:
    Search Database
    dblabel List
  4. Retrieve equivalent link information between two databases (from compound to 3dmet)

    Related STANZA:
    DB2DB Equivalent Link
    DB2DB Link
  5. Retrieve indirect link of KEGG GENES entry hsa:5621

    Related STANZA:
    Indirect Link From An Entry


Using LinkDB SPARQL Endpoint API, you can directly download results of your SPARQL query.



paramter content value
default-graph-uri Default graph name http://linkdb
query SPARQL query URL encoded text
formatResults format. text/html (HTML)
text/plain (NTriples)
text/csv (CSV)
text/tab-separated-valuescs (TSV)
application/ (Spreadsheet)
application/sparql-results%2Bxml (XML)
application/sparql-results%2Bjson (JSON)
application/javascript (Javascript)
application/rdf%2Bxml (RDF/XML)
timeout Execution timeout in milliseconds integer
(values less than 1000 are ignored)


Last updated: June 18, 2014