KEGG  Biosynthesis of various plant secondary metabolites - Reference pathway

Including: Crocin biosynthesis, Ginsenoside biosynthesis, Saponin adjuvant biosynthesis, Cannabidiol biosynthesis, Mugineic acid biosynthesis, Pentagalloylglucose biosynthesis, Benzoxazinoid biosynthesis, Gramine biosynthesis, Coumarin biosynthesis, Furanocoumarin biosynthesis, Hordatine biosynthesis, Podophyllotoxin biosynthesis
Scale: 100%
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  • Pathway modules
    • Biosynthesis of other secondary metabolites
      • Biosynthesis of phytochemical compounds
        • M00900 Crocin biosynthesis
        • M00971 QS-7 biosynthesis
        • M00894 Cannabidiol biosynthesis
        • M00953 Mugineic acid biosynthesis
        • M00952 Benzoxazinoid biosynthesis
        • M00902 Podophyllotoxin biosynthesis
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