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Aligns and merges sequence fragments resulting from shotgun sequencing or gene transcripts (EST) fragments in order to reconstruct the original segment or gene
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Query sequences

TEXT DATA , Please paste your sequences (FASTA format)


number of CPUs
Minimum length of matching word(-minmatch)
Minimum alignment score(-minscore)
Number of potential vector bases at beginning of each read(-vector_bound).
Maximum length of matching word(-maxmatch)
matching alignments(-alignment)
1/2 band width for banded SWAT searches, Bandwidth 0 (Zero) can be used to find gap-free alignments(-bandwidth)
Level of masking for reporting a match(-masklevel)
  • 0 report only the single highest scoring match for each query
  • 100 report any match whose domain is not completely contained within a higher scoring match
  • 101 report all matches
Vector Library
Using your custom vector library
Using EGvec vector library (Our custom vectors library)
Using NCBI's vector library
Using EMBL vector library
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Masoudi-Nejad A, Tonomura K, Kawashima S, Moriya Y, Suzuki M, Itoh M, Kanehisa M, Endo T, Goto S (2006)
EGassembler: online bioinformatics service for large-scale processing, clustering and assembling ESTs and genomic DNA fragments. Nucleic Acids Res. 34:W459-462.