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KofamKOALA - KEGG Orthology Search

K number assignment based on KO-dependent scoring criteria


KofamKOALA assigns K numbers to the user's sequence data by HMMER/HMMSEARCH against KOfam (a customized HMM database of KEGG Orthologs (KOs)). K number assignments with scores above the predefined thresholds for individual KOs are more reliable than other proposed assignments. Such high score assignments are highlighted with asterisks '*' in the output. The K number assignments facilitate the interpretation of the annotation results by linking the user's sequence data to the KEGG pathways and EC numbers.

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Current release
  • ver. 2019-04-06
    • KEGG release 90.0
Version history  
  • ver. 2019-03-20
    • KEGG release 89.1

  • Aramaki T., Blanc-Mathieu R., Endo H., Ohkubo K., Kanehisa M., Goto S., Ogata H. KofamKOALA: KEGG ortholog assignment based on profile HMM and adaptive score threshold.
    bioRxiv doi: (2019).
Last updated: April 9, 2019
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