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About PathSearch

PathSearch computes similar paths for a query reaction path using the RCLASS database for reaction patterns matching to the query reactions. The results can be mapped to KEGG pathway diagrams using KEGG Mapper. The colors of the objects can be also specified (see Ex. 2 below).

Enter reaction path:

Ex.1    List of Reaction IDs or Rpair IDs.
R00089 R00191 R03004
Ex.2    Reaction or Rpair IDs followed by bgcolor, fgcolor.
R02740 orange,blue
R04779 purple,yellow
R01070 magenta
Ex.3    PathComp output can be used.
C00345 <R02740> C05345 <R04779> C05378 <R01070> C00111

Alternatively, use the pathway map interface

  Map number:
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