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     Hochstrasser DF, Frutiger S, Paquet N, Bairoch A, Ravier F, Pasquali C,
     Sanchez JC, Tissot JD, Bjellqvist B, Vargas R, et al..
     Human liver protein map: a reference database established by microsequencing and 
     gel comparison.
     Electrophoresis. 1992 Dec;13(12):992-1001.
     This publication establishes a reference human liver protein map obtained with
     immobilized pH gradients. By microsequencing, 57 spots or 42 polypeptide chains
     were identified. By protein map comparison and matching (liver, red blood cell
     and plasma sample maps), 8 additional proteins were identified. The new
     polypeptides and previously known proteins are listed in a table and/or labeled
     on the protein map, thus providing a human liver two-dimensional gel database.
     This reference map can be used to identify protein spots on other samples such as
     rectal cancer biopsies.

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