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Announcement: KEGG RPAIR to be discontinued

The KEGG RPAIR database has been developed as a comprehensive collection of chemical structure transformation patterns, called RDM patterns, for substrate-product pairs of all reactions stored in the KEGG REACTION database. Internally only the RDM patterns of "main" pairs are then used to define reaction classes in the KEGG RCLASS database. The collection of reaction classes has turned out to be useful for annotating enzyme genes by the KEGG Orthology (KO) system (see KEGG Reaction Modules) and we focus on improving the RCLASS database. Because defining RDM patterns requires extensive manual work, we will select reactant pairs and reaction classes that are relevant for this improvement. We will no longer assign RDM patterns for all pairs, nor define reaction classes for all unique RDM patterns of main pairs.

The scheduled changes of the KEGG RPAIR database are as follows. Please note that the essential content of the RPAIR database will continue to be available in the RCLASS database. We simply eliminate RP number identifers (eg., RP04458) and use equivalent C number pair identifiers (eg., C00025_C00624).

Posted on May 18, 2016

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