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interstitial collagenase;
vertebrate collagenase;
matrix metalloproteinase 1
Acting on peptide bonds (peptidases);
Cleavage of the triple helix of collagen at about three-quarters of the length of the molecule from the N-terminus, at Gly775!Ile in the alpha1(I) chain. Cleaves synthetic substrates and alpha-macroglobulins at bonds where P1' is a hydrophobic residue
The enzyme takes its name from substrates of the interstitial collagen group - types I, II and III, all of which are cleaved in the helical domain. However, alpha-macroglobulins are cleaved much more rapidly. The enzyme is widely distributed in vertebrate animals. Type example of peptidase family M10
EC created 1978
K01388  matrix metalloproteinase-1 (interstitial collagenase)
HSA: 4312(MMP1)
PTR: 451510(MMP1)
PPS: 100995251(MMP1)
GGO: 101131051(MMP1)
PON: 100459931(MMP1)
NLE: 100582292(MMP1)
MCC: 703653(MMP1)
MCF: 102142258(MMP1)
CSAB: 103248335(MMP1)
CATY: 105588779(MMP1)
PANU: 101000222(MMP1)
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RBB: 108514074(MMP1)
TFN: 117081260(MMP1)
PTEH: 111540071(MMP1)
CJC: 100400727(MMP1)
SBQ: 101051246(MMP1)
MMU: 83995(Mmp1a) 83996(Mmp1b)
MPAH: 110327208
RNO: 300338(Mmp1b) 300339(Mmp1)
CGE: 100754854
PLEU: 114708012(Mmp1)
HGL: 101697620(Mmp1)
CCAN: 109689286(Mmp1)
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TUP: 102489479(MMP1) 102490608
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XLA: 108708733(mmp1.L) 495287(mmp1.S)
XTR: 594916(mmp1)
NPR: 108795960
BBEL: 109462004
VEM: 105565628
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1  [PMID:3009463]
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4  [PMID:2462561]
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