EC                Enzyme                                 

NADP-retinol dehydrogenase;
all-trans retinal reductase (ambiguous);
all-trans-retinol dehydrogenase;
NADP(H)-dependent retinol dehydrogenase/reductase;
retinol dehydrogenase 12;
retinol dehydrogenase 14;
retinol dehydrogenase [NADP+];
Acting on the CH-OH group of donors;
With NAD+ or NADP+ as acceptor
BRITE hierarchy
retinol:NADP+ oxidoreductase
retinol + NADP+ = retinal + NADPH + H+ [RN:R08379]
retinol [CPD:C00473];
NADP+ [CPD:C00006]
retinal [CPD:C00376];
NADPH [CPD:C00005];
H+ [CPD:C00080]
Greater catalytic efficiency in the reductive direction. This observation, and the enzyme's localization at the entrance to the mitochondrial matrix, suggest that it may function to protect mitochondria against oxidative stress associated with the highly reactive retinal produced from dietary beta-carotene by EC (beta-carotene 15,15'-dioxygenase) [2]. Km-values for NADP+ and NADPH are at least 800-fold lower than those for NAD+ and NADH [1,4]. This enzyme differs from EC, retinol dehydrogenase, which prefers NAD+ and NADH.
EC created 2009
K11146  short-chain dehydrogenase/reductase 3
K11152  retinol dehydrogenase 11
K11153  retinol dehydrogenase 12
K11161  retinol dehydrogenase 13
HSA: 112724(RDH13) 145226(RDH12) 51109(RDH11) 9249(DHRS3)
PTR: 100615509(RDH12) 452986(RDH11) 456293(RDH13) 737006(DHRS3)
PPS: 100971367(DHRS3) 100975938(RDH11) 100976717(RDH12) 100995016(RDH13)
GGO: 101132424(RDH13) 101133959(RDH12) 101134301(RDH11) 101136764(DHRS3)
PON: 100173396(RDH11) 100443109(RDH13) 100444779(RDH12) 100446028(DHRS3)
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FLM: MY04_4115
 » show all
1  [PMID:15865448]
Belyaeva OV, Korkina OV, Stetsenko AV, Kim T, Nelson PS, Kedishvili NY
Biochemical properties of purified human retinol dehydrogenase 12 (RDH12): catalytic efficiency toward retinoids and C9 aldehydes and effects of cellular retinol-binding protein type I (CRBPI) and cellular retinaldehyde-binding protein (CRALBP) on the oxidation and reduction of retinoids.
Biochemistry 44:7035-47 (2005)
2  [PMID:18039331]
Belyaeva OV, Korkina OV, Stetsenko AV, Kedishvili NY
Human retinol dehydrogenase 13 (RDH13) is a mitochondrial short-chain dehydrogenase/reductase with a retinaldehyde reductase activity.
FEBS J 275:138-47 (2008)
3  [PMID:9705317]
Haeseleer F, Huang J, Lebioda L, Saari JC, Palczewski K
Molecular characterization of a novel short-chain dehydrogenase/reductase that reduces all-trans-retinal.
J Biol Chem 273:21790-9 (1998)
[hsa:9249] [mmu:20148] [bta:281482]
4  [PMID:12036956]
Kedishvili NY, Chumakova OV, Chetyrkin SV, Belyaeva OV, Lapshina EA, Lin DW, Matsumura M, Nelson PS
Evidence that the human gene for prostate short-chain dehydrogenase/reductase (PSDR1) encodes a novel retinal reductase (RalR1).
J Biol Chem 277:28909-15 (2002)
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