K02295                      KO                                     

ko04710  Circadian rhythm
H00689  Delayed sleep phase syndrome
KEGG Orthology (KO) [BR:ko00001]
 09150 Organismal Systems
  09159 Environmental adaptation
   04710 Circadian rhythm
    K02295  CRY; cryptochrome
 09180 Brite Hierarchies
  09182 Protein families: genetic information processing
   03400 DNA repair and recombination proteins
    K02295  CRY; cryptochrome
DNA repair and recombination proteins [BR:ko03400]
 Eukaryotic type
  SSBR (single strand breaks repair)
   Direct repair
    K02295  CRY; cryptochrome
HSA: 1407(CRY1) 1408(CRY2)
PTR: 452205(CRY1) 742186(CRY2)
PPS: 100968247(CRY1) 100981016(CRY2)
GGO: 101125276(CRY1) 101138751(CRY2)
PON: 100431934(CRY1) 100459065(CRY2)
NLE: 100579417(CRY2) 100582392(CRY1)
MCC: 703752(CRY1) 715000(CRY2)
MCF: 102117999(CRY2) 102129439(CRY1)
CSAB: 103236726(CRY2) 103239042(CRY1)
RRO: 104668379(CRY2) 104676539(CRY1)
RBB: 108519270(CRY2) 108539514(CRY1)
CJC: 100404450(CRY2) 100408307(CRY1)
SBQ: 101042927(CRY2) 101049286(CRY1)
MMU: 12952(Cry1) 12953(Cry2)
MCAL: 110303195(Cry1) 110311853(Cry2)
MPAH: 110317715(Cry2) 110326483(Cry1)
RNO: 170917(Cry2) 299691(Cry1)
MUN: 110549867(Cry2) 110561963(Cry1)
CGE: 100761664(Cry1) 100774356(Cry2)
NGI: 103735056(Cry2) 103742119(Cry1)
HGL: 101707595(Cry2) 101719696(Cry1)
CCAN: 109692013(Cry2) 109697352(Cry1)
OCU: 100344454(CRY2) 100347047(CRY1)
TUP: 102490093(CRY2) 102498517(CRY1)
CFA: 474528(CRY1) 483641(CRY2)
VVP: 112924103(CRY2) 112929055(CRY1)
AML: 100474141(CRY2) 100484388(CRY1)
UMR: 103672397(CRY2) 103676459(CRY1)
UAH: 113256030(CRY1) 113264999(CRY2)
ORO: 101363213(CRY2) 101364450(CRY1)
FCA: 101084825(CRY2) 101089451(CRY1)
PTG: 102948717(CRY2) 102951926(CRY1)
PPAD: 109265466(CRY1) 109279246(CRY2)
AJU: 106971929(CRY1) 106978074(CRY2)
BTA: 509058(CRY2) 535947(CRY1)
BOM: 102269783(CRY2) 102285243(CRY1)
BIU: 109558516(CRY1) 109569610(CRY2)
BBUB: 102396292(CRY2) 102404708(CRY1)
CHX: 102183085(CRY2) 102188477(CRY1)
OAS: 100169934(CRY2) 443263(CRY1)
SSC: 100517750(CRY2) 100520380(CRY1)
CFR: 102506913(CRY2) 102516139(CRY1)
CDK: 105102975(CRY1) 105106849(CRY2)
BACU: 102999659(CRY1) 103003596(CRY2)
LVE: 103079881(CRY1) 103088730(CRY2)
OOR: 101281397(CRY1) 101283290(CRY2)
DLE: 111183993(CRY2) 111187844(CRY1)
PCAD: 102983806(CRY2) 102996411(CRY1)
ECB: 100034165(CRY1) 100056637(CRY2)
EPZ: 103566865(CRY2) 103567423(CRY1)
EAI: 106838336(CRY1) 106843927(CRY2)
MYB: 102244237(CRY2) 102244490(CRY1)
MYD: 102770493(CRY1) 102770800(CRY2)
MNA: 107530331(CRY2) 107545142(CRY1)
HAI: 109382850(CRY1) 109390235(CRY2)
DRO: 112303316(CRY2) 112321807(CRY1)
PALE: 102883572(CRY1)
RAY: 107511872(CRY2) 107512477(CRY1)
MJV: 108400231(CRY1) 108401281(CRY2)
LAV: 100668359(CRY2) 100674579(CRY1)
MDO: 100618618(CRY2) 100619810(CRY1)
SHR: 100927183(CRY1) 100934812(CRY2)
PCW: 110205695(CRY1) 110223995(CRY2)
OAA: 100075977(CRY2) 100077381(CRY1)
GGA: 374092(CRY2) 374093(CRY1) 395100(CRY4)
MGP: 100008575(CRY2) 100008577(CRY1) 100551128
CJO: 107314547(CRY1) 107314770(CRY2) 107324692
NMEL: 110388166 110393591(CRY1) 110401077(CRY2)
APLA: 101796484(CRY2) 101801596 101804981(CRY1)
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SCAN: 103813591(CRY1) 103822376 103826993(CRY2)
GFR: 102031447(CRY1) 102034073 102038151(CRY2)
FAB: 101807321(CRY2) 101812664 101819925(CRY1)
PHI: 102099094(CRY1) 102101958(CRY2) 102105265
PMAJ: 107204925(CRY1) 107206084(CRY2) 107214980
CCAE: 111930192(CRY2) 111931299(CRY1) 111939637
CCW: 104692470 104696505(CRY1) 104698262(CRY2)
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ACUN: 113480518(CRY2) 113488936 113489685(CRY1)
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XLA: 108712584 394398(cry1.L) 397827(xl64phr) 398246 399200(cry2.S) 496373(cry1)
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NPR: 108785445(CRY2) 108788388(CRY1) 108794007
DRE: 100003956(cry1a) 554836(cry1b) 573209(cry3a) 83774(cry2) 83775(cry4) 83776(cry5) 83780(cry3b)
LCM: 102346958(CRY1) 102356350(CRY2) 102365364
CMK: 103175031(cry2) 103179904(cry1)
RTP: 109935958 109936152(cry1)
DME: Dmel_CG2488(phr6-4) Dmel_CG3772(cry)
DSI: Dsimw501_GD19278(Dsim_GD19278) Dsimw501_GD21692(Dsim_GD21692)
AME: 410197(Cry2)
BIM: 100607970(CRY2)
BTER: 100647270
CCAL: 108626105
OBB: 114877345
SOC: 105204008
MPHA: 105837924
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ACEP: 105622379
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PGC: 109857568
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DPA: 109537400
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CLEC: 106669947
ZNE: 110830314
CSCU: 111640405
ATH: AT3G15620(UVR3)
ALY: 9321165
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PEQ: 110031500
AOF: 109845119
ATR: 18431720
PPP: 112275168
MNG: MNEG_4178
MGR: MGG_02071
MAW: MAC_03703
MAJ: MAA_05870
CMT: CCM_02392
MBE: MBM_02144
ANG: ANI_1_1474144(An16g01450)
PTE: PTT_07199
NGD: NGA_0716300(CRY)
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Kume K, Zylka MJ, Sriram S, Shearman LP, Weaver DR, Jin X, Maywood ES, Hastings MH, Reppert SM
mCRY1 and mCRY2 are essential components of the negative limb of the circadian clock feedback loop.
Cell 98:193-205 (1999)
Griffin EA Jr, Staknis D, Weitz CJ
Light-independent role of CRY1 and CRY2 in the mammalian circadian clock.
Science 286:768-71 (1999)
Hoang N, Schleicher E, Kacprzak S, Bouly JP, Picot M, Wu W, Berndt A, Wolf E, Bittl R, Ahmad M
Human and Drosophila cryptochromes are light activated by flavin photoreduction in living cells.
PLoS Biol 6:e160 (2008)

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