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Porphyrin and chlorophyll metabolism - Aeromonas salmonicida subsp. salmonicida A449
Metabolism; Metabolism of cofactors and vitamins
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asa00860  Porphyrin and chlorophyll metabolism

Ortholog table
asa_M00121  Heme biosynthesis, glutamate => heme [PATH:asa00860]
asa_M00846  Siroheme biosynthesis, glutamate => siroheme [PATH:asa00860]
Other DBs
BSID: 49540
GO: 0006778
Aeromonas salmonicida subsp. salmonicida A449 [GN:asa]
ASA_0867  gltX; glutamyl-tRNA synthetase [KO:K01885] [EC:]
ASA_1174  hemA; Glutamyl-tRNA reductase [KO:K02492] [EC:]
ASA_0797  hemL; glutamate-1-semialdehyde-2,1-aminomutase [KO:K01845] [EC:]
ASA_4302  hemB; delta-aminolevulinic acid dehydratase [KO:K01698] [EC:]
ASA_3875  hemC; porphobilinogen deaminase [KO:K01749] [EC:]
ASA_3876  hemD; uroporphyrinogen-III synthase [KO:K01719] [EC:]
ASA_0769  hemE; uroporphyrinogen decarboxylase [KO:K01599] [EC:]
ASA_4133  hemF; coproporphyrinogen III oxidase [KO:K00228] [EC:]
ASA_4125  hemN; oxygen-independent coproporphyrinogen III oxidase [KO:K02495] [EC:]
ASA_4245  hemG; protoporphyrinogen oxidase [KO:K00230] [EC:]
ASA_1828  hemH; ferrochelatase [KO:K01772] [EC:]
ASA_3877  hemX; uroporphyrin-III C-methyltransferase [KO:K02496] [EC:]
ASA_3524  cysG; siroheme synthase [KO:K02302] [EC:]
ASA_0192  cysG; siroheme synthase [KO:K02302] [EC:]
ASA_2957  cyoE; protohaeme IX farnesyltransferase [KO:K02257] [EC:]
ASA_1778  ATP:cob(I)alamin adenosyltransferase, putative [KO:K00798] [EC:]
ASA_2654  cbiB; cobalamin biosynthesis protein CbiB [KO:K02227] [EC:]
ASA_4290  freA; NAD(P)H-flavin reductase [KO:K05368] [EC:]
ASA_0467  bfr; bacterioferritin [KO:K03594] [EC:]
C00025  L-Glutamate
C00032  Heme
C00037  Glycine
C00188  L-Threonine
C00194  Cobamide coenzyme
C00430  5-Aminolevulinate
C00486  Bilirubin
C00500  Biliverdin
C00524  Cytochrome c
C00541  Cob(II)alamin
C00748  Siroheme
C00853  Cob(I)alamin
C00931  Porphobilinogen
C00992  Aquacob(III)alamin
C01024  Hydroxymethylbilane
C01051  Uroporphyrinogen III
C01079  Protoporphyrinogen IX
C01708  Hemoglobin
C02139  Chlorophyllide
C02191  Protoporphyrin
C02463  Precorrin 2
C02469  Uroporphyrin III
C02800  4,5-Dioxopentanoate
C02823  Cyanocobalamin
C02880  Protochlorophyllide
C02987  L-Glutamyl-tRNA(Glu)
C03029  Transferrin[Fe(II)]2
C03114  Dimethylbenzimidazole
C03179  Transferrin[Fe(III)]2
C03194  (R)-1-Aminopropan-2-ol
C03263  Coproporphyrinogen III
C03516  Magnesium protoporphyrin
C03741  (S)-4-Amino-5-oxopentanoate
C04122  D-1-Aminopropan-2-ol O-phosphate
C04536  Magnesium protoporphyrin monomethyl ester
C04778  N1-(5-Phospho-alpha-D-ribosyl)-5,6-dimethylbenzimidazole
C05306  Chlorophyll a
C05307  Chlorophyll b
C05766  Uroporphyrinogen I
C05767  Uroporphyrin I
C05768  Coproporphyrinogen I
C05769  Coproporphyrin I
C05770  Coproporphyrin III
C05772  Precorrin 3A
C05773  Cobyrinate
C05774  Cobinamide
C05775  alpha-Ribazole
C05777  Coenzyme F430
C05778  Sirohydrochlorin
C05779  Apoferritin
C05780  Apotransferrin
C05781  Oxyhemoglobin
C05782  Myoglobin
C05783  Cytochrome a
C05784  Catalase
C05785  Peroxidase
C05786  (3Z)-Phycocyanobilin
C05787  Bilirubin beta-diglucuronide
C05789  L-Urobilinogen
C05790  I-Urobilinogen
C05791  D-Urobilinogen
C05793  L-Urobilin
C05794  Urobilin
C05795  D-Urobilin
C05797  Pheophytin a
C05798  Bacteriopheophytin
C05912  (3Z)-Phycoerythrobilin
C05913  (3Z)-Phytochromobilin
C06319  Precorrin 6Y
C06320  Precorrin 6X
C06399  Hydrogenobyrinate
C06406  Precorrin 3B
C06407  Precorrin 4
C06408  Precorrin 8X
C06416  Precorrin 5
C06503  Hydrogenobyrinate a,c diamide
C06504  Cob(II)yrinate a,c diamide
C06505  Cob(I)yrinate a,c diamide
C06506  Adenosyl cobyrinate a,c diamide
C06507  Adenosyl cobyrinate hexaamide
C06508  Adenosyl cobinamide
C06509  Adenosyl cobinamide phosphate
C06510  Adenosine-GDP-cobinamide
C11242  Bacteriochlorophyll a
C11243  Bacteriochlorophyll b
C11538  Cobalt-sirohydrochlorin
C11539  Cobalt-precorrin 3
C11540  Cobalt-precorrin 4
C11542  Cobalt-precorrin 6
C11543  Cobalt-dihydro-precorrin 6
C11545  Cobalt-precorrin 8
C11630  15,16-Dihydrobiliverdin
C11829  13(1)-Hydroxy-magnesium-protoporphyrin IX 13-monomethyl ester
C11830  13(1)-Oxo-magnesium-protoporphyrin IX 13-monomethyl ester
C11831  Divinylprotochlorophyllide
C11832  Divinyl chlorophyllide a
C11850  Divinylchlorophyll a
C11851  Zn-Bacteriochlorophyll a
C12147  L-Threonine O-3-phosphate
C14818  Fe2+
C14819  Fe3+
C15670  Heme A
C15672  Heme O
C16242  Cobalt-precorrin 5A
C16243  Cobalt-precorrin 5B
C16244  Cobalt-precorrin 7
C16540  7(1)-Hydroxychlorophyllide a
C16541  Chlorophyllide b
C17401  Cobalt-factor III
C18021  Pheophorbide a
C18022  Red chlorophyll catabolite
C18064  Pyropheophorbide a
C18098  Primary fluorescent chlorophyll catabolite
C18151  7(1)-Hydroxychlorophyll a
C18152  3-Vinylbacteriochlorophyllide a
C18153  3-Hydroxyethylbacteriochlorophyllide a
C18154  3-Hydroxyethylchlorophyllide a
C18155  Bacteriochlorophyllide a
C18156  Bacteriochlorophyllide b
C18157  8-Ethyl-12-methyl-3-vinylbacteriochlorophyllide d
C18160  Bacteriochlorophyllide d
C18161  Bacteriochlorophyllide c
C18162  Bacteriochlorophyll d
C18163  Bacteriochlorophyll c
C20666  5-Oxo-delta-bilirubin
C21217  Geranylgeranyl bacteriochlorophyllide a
C21284  Fe-coproporphyrin III
C21427  8,12-Diethyl-3-vinylbacteriochlorophyllide d
C21428  12-Ethyl-8-propyl-3-vinylbacteriochlorophyllide d
C21429  12-Ethyl-8-isobutyl-3-vinylbacteriochlorophyllide d
C21431  8-Ethyl-12-methylbacteriochlorophyllide d
C21432  8,12-Diethylbacteriochlorophyllide d
C21433  12-Ethyl-8-propylbacteriochlorophyllide d
C21434  12-Ethyl-8-isobutylbacteriochlorophyllide d
C21435  Geranylgeranyl bacteriochlorophyllide b
C21510  Nickel-sirohydrochlorin
C21511  Nickel-sirohydrochlorin a,c-diamide
C21512  15,17(3)-Seco-F430-17(3)-acid
C21582  Bacteriochlorophyllide e
C21723  Biliverdin-IX-delta
C21724  Biliverdin-IX-beta
C21835  12,18-Didecarboxysiroheme
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