DiGAlign : the Dynamic Genomic Alignment server    version 1.0


DiGAlign is a genome alignment viewer that extends the alignment visualizing function implemented in ViPTree. Nucleotide- (BLASTn) or amino acid- (tBLASTx) resolved alignments of input nucleotide sequences are computed and interactively visualized to generate a publication-ready figure. Same as ViPTree, the alignment view can include gene and function predictions performed by the DiGAlign server or provided by the user. DiGAlign quickly and effectively assists you in visualizing the results as you want in comparative genomics and genome structure exploration.


Generate alignments of your query sequences.

  1. Upload your nucleotide sequences and choose the alignment and gene prediction options.
  2. Browse the alignments
  3. Browse dotplots / genomic alignments between your query sequences
  4. Download figures and tables

Version history

  • 2022-04-18 version 1.0
    • Initial release of DiGAlign


If you use results (data / figures) generated by DiGAlign in your research, please cite the DiGAlign web site or the publication below:
  • Coming soon...


We appreciate bug reports, comments, and suggestions. The form is here.